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Drainage or Runoff

1011 S High ST

Case Date:

Ms McGough called last week and asked for any document we have for storm water work we have performed near her house to help resolve ongoing drainage complaints.

closed #153951

Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

Citizen (Mark Land) apparently contacted Utilities before but was not satisfied with the response-- he missed a water payment because he was on vacation and is upset that the situation cannot immediately be fixed. He already paid the past due balance, but water was shut off. He was told it could be turned back on by 6 or by tomorrow, and he just wants it on sooner rather than later. Call (812) 272-1500. The water is in his wife's name (Theresa Spano)

closed #153766

Debris Removal

Case Date:

Alison Donway (812-822-1599)requested that the south side of the intersection of Highland and 2nd St be swept. It holds water and dirt, sand, and debris piles up in this area.

closed #144834

Drainage or Runoff

1400 S Pickwick PL

Case Date:

Ms Adams left a voice message saying some work was done with the drainage ditches on her street this morning in the neighbor's ditch and also some asphalt paving was done right in front of her driveway and it's going to move a lot of water down her drive. She wants to get another drainage grate or a culvert or something at the corner of Pickwick. She said her property and the property next to her have spent thousands of dollars to manage the water that comes through their property and the city has been using their properties as drainage. The work they did on the street is going to put tons of water to the drain in front of their garage but it won't handle it all now. She is petitioning to see what they can do to get a storm grate put in.

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Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

Mr. Gary Verostko of 1015 S. Ballantine called concerning standing water behind Deer Park near Highland Ave and Tarzian Lane. He stated that the mosquitoes were as bad as he has ever seen in Bloomington.

closed #137129

Drainage or Runoff

200 E 20th ST

Case Date:

water is coming down the curb line and then turning down the driveway and causing water damage on the property.

closed #134321


910 N Madison ST

Case Date:

Recv'd request to check out the existing water service at 910 N Madison St. Property owner, Chris Sims, explained that the road was raised awhile back and now the meter sets much lower than the current street elevation. He plans to build a new 2-bdrm home soon on this lot and wants the meter raised to meet the elevation of the new home & the street. He requests that CBU evaluate his request and call him back at 812-327-6290 to advise him whether work needs to be completed before he begins to bring in additional fill for the lot. I also mentioned to him that he will need to complete updated new service forms to ensure that the existing service will be sufficient for the new home. While CBU is on-site, please verify the status of the existing service...will it need to be updated/changed out, or is it adequate for the new home going in?

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City Performance

Case Date:

Anonymous complaint from a woman who lives on S. Wilton in Green Briar Hills. She said drainage from Arden Place runs through their neighborhood and right now, there is a lot of water, leaves and trash along the street. She would like someone to come out and pick up the leaves in the next few days.

closed #124550


1784 W Sunstone DR

Case Date:

trash in the yard, big black trash bag with trash spilling out of it, dog food/water containers, etc.

closed #73868

Excessive Growth

2315 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Grass. The house was torn down. Only the basement is left-probably filled with water. Fence removed except on one side.