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closed #136810

Drainage or Runoff

913 S Timothy CT

Case Date:

There is an inordinate amount of water that comes off 2nd St in a big drain pipe and into the backyards. Her neighbor enclosed a drainage swale and the pipe is not deep enough and now pushes water onto a different location on her property. She said a guy from the City came out before and said what her neighbor did on his property was wrong and changed things. She has hired a contractor to try and fix her property so it doesn't go in her crawl space but wants the city to look at it because she isn't sure she can do these things and isn't sure she is responsible.

closed #144307

Drainage or Runoff

828 S Woodlawn AVE

Case Date:

Mr Richie left a voice message on 3/25/15 saying that in heavy rains, water rushes down Wylie and across Woodlawn and down his drive. At times it has gone into the basement. He said he is going to have his drive paved this year and he wants to know if a drain could be put in that would connect to the drain he says runs down the center of his drive.

closed #34911

Sidewalk Snow Removal

725 S Meadowbrook DR

Case Date:

Standing water in back yard after rain-neighbor to the east gets water in basement

closed #135139

Utilities Construction

700 E Winslow Farm DR

Case Date:

says her HOA is planning to remove a retention pond behind her house and install a water garden, she does not want this to happen.

closed #133758

Utilities Construction

6000 S Handy RD

Case Date:

Received voice message from James Eller, owner and resident of 6000 S. Handy Rd. Mr. Eller alleges that settlement occurred to his yard as a result of CBU's water transmission main project.

closed #150888

Drainage or Runoff

515 S Walnut ST

Case Date:

Ty left me a voice message indicating they were still having problems with water entering their building in the back alley and believed the Jordan Culvert reconstruction project from a few years ago was the cause.

closed #139804

Drainage or Runoff

3526 S Tudor LN

Case Date:

This was originally a trouble report left on T&D voice mail on 5/22/14. I visited the site on 5/23 and met with her husband. They have had storm water problems since they moved into the house in 1999. During heavy rain storms, the water flows over the drive and into the garage. They have tried different things and currently have to keep sand bags in front of the garage door but the water still sometimes goes over them.

closed #135417

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

2909 E Winston ST

Case Date:

Ms. Aslami left a voice mail on 11/26/13. I returned her call on 11/27/13. She was difficult to understand but I believe she said she has water that comes up from their garage drain when it rains hard and she wants the city to fix it.

closed #160326

Drainage or Runoff

2416 S Woolery Mill DR

Case Date:

She represents the Woolery Mills HOA. Indicated the resident at 2416 Woolery Mill Dr had water in their crawlspace last weekend. They checked and found a drain not functioning and didn't know if it was City responsibility. She emailed pictures.

closed #154073

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

1912 S Wilton DR

Case Date:

Have been having ongoing issues with storm water running down Wilton St. from Arden Dr. and Hillside Dr. Was told Wilton St. was going to be repaved (about two years ago). Street patchwork has began washing out. Storm drains in front of her home were allegedly installed improperly. Has had minimal contact with Phil Peden, Utilities, but not satisfied with City's actions to date.