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closed #125186


2400 E Boston RD

Case Date:

Accumulation of trash and various items in a neglected water-filled swimming pool and surrounding pavement area.

closed #125280

Unsafe Buildings

1210 S Walnut ST

Case Date:

Gentleman said the owners of 1210 S Walnut are allowing a lady to live in a camper on their property. He said that she does not have water or restrooms and this is unsafe.

closed #125916

Excessive Growth

1310 S Woodlawn AVE

Case Date:

5 gallon buckets w/water in yard, attracting mosquitoes, yard not mowed this year, grass at knee height

closed #126989


409 S Swain AVE

Case Date:

standing water in back yard

closed #122542


Case Date:

I just received a call from Louisa Purcell who lives on Kirkwood Ave. She was very distraught because she saw someone in a white city truck watering "little" trees on Kirkwood. She feels that we should be conserving water because if we don't in these dry conditions we will have a water emergency! She just wanted to pass along that complaint!

closed #155615

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

2818 S Wexley RD

Case Date:

Storm drain is backing up and water is starting to reach his front steps.

closed #155656


Case Date:

Harold Evans e-mailed the department: this morning I read about one of your program offers in our local newspaper. Since I'm interested in water distribution in our city, I thought this tour of the many historical water sources in Bloomington could be worthwhile. The article directs us to sign up for this tour at our city website. There is no mention anywhere on that site about this particular event and many attempts to search for it were fruitless. I then contacted someone in your department by phone who didn't know anything about the event either. It seems to me that the signup process for events like this is so difficult that I really don't see how a sufficient number of people would ever be able to register in order to make the tour happen. If this is how you run your activity offers, I can see why you might look good to the city managers, but in fact, not be doing anything worthwhile at all. The way you are running your department, Mr. Renneisen, is a joke. It looks like this is another example of how our tax money is wasted on worthless politicians. Have a good and QUIET day. Dr. Harold F. Evans 812-330-1550.

closed #155749

Potholes, Other Street Repair

620 E University ST

Case Date:

He reported this as a storm sewer issue at first and Tony E. told him all we could do is build up the berm to help keep the water from running into his garage. Mr Mcconnaughy called me and said that's not what he wants. He says the street dept. keeps patching the asphalt in the alley and now it is too high and that causes the water to drain into his garage. He wants the asphalt lowered from University St to his garage (he said about 20') so the existing rock berm he already has will keep the water out of his garage. I told him I would refer this to Street Dept.

closed #156200

Drainage or Runoff

1101 W Yellowwood CT

Case Date:

Customer wants a curb built due to rain water running into his garage.

closed #156237

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

2107 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Water is running across the road, and it smells like sewer.