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Bloomington Rail Trail

Case Date:

Here is the content of the email we received at the Mayor's office. "The electric company’s tree trimming crew was recently working along the B-Line trail and they left a lot of debris in the storm water ditch. Along with the debris that was already there, the ditch is now clogged such that water overflows and floods the trail. This is close to light pole number 83, a short distance south of the driveway that connects the convention center parking lots (i.e., a short distance north of Second Street). It would be a simple matter for two workers with shovels and a truck to clear the debris out of the ditch."

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4445 E Moores PIKE

Case Date:

Resident at 4445 E. Moores Pike called to report neighbor's yard waste that piles up next to her property. It's a small pile of brush right now, but in the past has been very large and attracting wasp nests, etc. Neighbor places yard waste next to the old water pump station.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair


Case Date:

Outside her complex, on the western side of the building, the parking area has potholes, so they flood after it rains. She suggested the area be trenched and a drain installed so the water does no continue to pool. Whatever the solution, she would be appreciative if it could be fixed!

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Unsafe Buildings

412 E 9TH ST

Case Date:

House has sump pump pouring out water down N Harold St onto E Alice St & east onto alley. It has eroded all gravel and is a hazard.

closed #150115

Water Utility Problems

1610 E Maplecrest DR

Case Date:

Customer said a large amount of water was coming up between her drive and the street.

closed #150184

Water Utility Problems

215 N Johnson AVE

Case Date:

Water is running down the road.

closed #150888

Drainage or Runoff

515 S Walnut ST

Case Date:

Ty left me a voice message indicating they were still having problems with water entering their building in the back alley and believed the Jordan Culvert reconstruction project from a few years ago was the cause.

closed #150913

Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

At the intersection of Hickory & Belle there is a large amount of water in the street.

closed #152584

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

1423 W 11th ST

Case Date:

When it rains very hard, water pools on 11th Street, from Vernal to Lindbergh Drive.

closed #153589

Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

At the intersection of Winston & Sare Road, there is a large amount of water running out of big culvert.