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Drainage or Runoff

1676 S Olive ST

Case Date:

There is no drainage system on Olive street just south of Hillside. Additionally, Ridgemont Ct runoff gathers here as well. Cars try to drive through wich causes waves to sending more water into the effected houses. 18" in the street. Years of neighbors and past residents call for help have garnered no response from the city.

open #169153

Drainage or Runoff

47404, Bloomington, Indiana

Case Date:

Storm drainage (and even some lighter rainstorms) has repeatedly been eroding and flooding our backyard and street. The recent storms have heightened our concern at the impact runoff water and debris is having on our home/yard, our neighbors yard, and the street below us. The elevation of our yard and street is lower than that of the woods behind us and the street above us (Georgetown Road). All of the water from these locations has eroded channels and pools in their yards, guiding the water into our yard. The water pools in our backyard, increasingly threatening our house. In addition to the large volume of water this forces on our yard and street, we are bombarded by leaves, large sticks, and other misc. debris. This debris clogs the sewer drains at the other end of our street and clutters the street. The amount of water runoff continues to increase on a daily rate and has started to erode dirt in both our and our neighbors front lawns, leading us to believe that increased drainage at the street above or our street are required. If not, alternate solutions and suggestions are requested. If city help is not possible, than approval for commercial drainage/directing of the water through our yard and into the street is requested for approval. Additional videos and photos can be provided.

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Drainage or Runoff

835 W Kirkwood AVE

Case Date:

My basement has flooded due to street runoff twice within the last 7 years and has ruined my furnace and water heater. I am requesting the city pour a curb along the front of my street where my house is facing to prevent future damage.

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City Construction Projects

1204 S Grant ST

Case Date:

Citizen objects that Utilities will only repave area torn up for water main installation. Says the work has damaged the whole street and it needs repaving. Says the front of her property has been damaged by storage & removal of gravel, etc. Wants her lawn repaired. Has spoken with Doug Jones who said Mike Farmer would call her. Has also spoken with Dana at Street.

closed #68351

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)


Case Date:

Says street was resurfaced 1-2 years ago, changed drainage, water no longer travels to sewer, stops in front of his driveway and pools up. Says street resurfacing raised level so there's no curb and no drainage. Says he has contacted Street and Engineering before.

closed #47587

Sidewalk Snow Removal

409 S Swain AVE

Case Date:

Mr. Sinn owns the property at 409 S. Swain Avenue. On the east end of the lot which involves three lots is standing water. This is an ongoing problem and Mr. Sinn would like an update regarding this issue. Please give him a call. He stated that he has been trying to contact Mr. Heald but has been unable to do so. He requested a citizen action order to be issued.

closed #96237


401 N Morton ST

Case Date:

wanted to pay his upcoming water bill via snail mail because he'll be out of town. didn't know the address for the payment.

closed #96344


401 N Morton ST

Case Date:

molenda hadn't recieved his water bill and was worried about being delinquent if it was issued and had not ye arrived. asked where it was.

closed #166413

Water Utility Problems

2771 E Ciana CT

Case Date:

Received notification that water pressure would be reduced on Friday, 11/2, 10a-2p due to intersection work at E Rhorer/S Walnut Pike. Water pressure is worse today (Saturday 11/3) and no one is working at the intersection.

closed #166429

Water Quality

1512 S Clifton AVE

Case Date:

In December 2017 our water supply line to the house from the street was replaced. About two weeks ago, we started noticing black material coming out of the tap that supplies our bathtub. Then our kitchen sink water pressure started to decline; I opened up the faucet nozzle and found similar particles. The problem with the tub water has persisted now for some weeks and I'm concerned for our health.