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closed #147039

Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

Water running under street and down drainage ditch. It appears as though something is broken.

closed #146507

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

2402–2998 S Weimer Rd

Case Date:

While riding my bike on Weimer Rd.; I've noticed on two different occasions the strong smell of sewer gas. A Sewer gas smell to me means either there is effluent top side or there is an over flow into waterway. (Or I suppose something else) but there a definite issue. Exact location is post bridge on Weimer's south end heading toward Tapp Rd. It is also just past the mid point of bridge to Tapp Rd. points. Yes, I know there has been a lot of rain that contributes to these kind of issues, but being that the creek eventually "dumps" into Monroe Reservoir ( our drinking water) Thank you for looking into this. Randy Craw 812-360-3600

closed #146250

Drainage or Runoff

1312–1398 S Winfield Rd

Case Date:

The picture is at the SW corner of Pickwick and Winfield. The grade of both Pickwick and Winfield cause water to pool at the SW corner every time it rains. The water stands for several days, especially in the corner of our yard. The problem is made worse by the curbs that have been added north of this corner. Someone from the city did come out and look at it and admitted there was a problem several years ago. We have called repeatedly and can't get any action. As we are reminded, this is a health hazard since it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Please help.

closed #145872

Potholes, Other Street Repair

Case Date:

Standing water at 2nd floor of 4th St parking garage

closed #144779


McDoel Greenway Corridor

Case Date:

Water fountain on Bline near Wonderlab is missing buttons. Dog fountain is clogged.

closed #144075

Potholes, Other Street Repair

Case Date:

Many deep potholes and standing water exist just west of hwy 37 on Tapp Rd.

closed #142971

Potholes, Other Street Repair

555 N Morton ST

Case Date:

Pothole on west side of Morton in the city parking area. This fills with water and could be a trip hazard.

closed #141731

Drainage or Runoff

McDoel Greenway Corridor

Case Date:

storm water pipes are clogged and stream bed is eroding. This is on the B-line just west of the rail overpass and across from the new Habitat development. Looks like i'm about to loose a tree to erosion in the storm ditch.

closed #141489

Sidewalk Requests

703 N Washington ST

Case Date:

CBU removed portion of sidewalk to fix water line. Sidewalk never repaired.

closed #138489

Parks & Playgrounds

Case Date:

The water fountains are not turned on.