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Water Utility Problems

3901 E Morningside DR

Case Date:

Apparent water leak in front of 3901 E Saratoga (Park Ridge East, NE corner of Smith and Morningside) with stream of water going into street for weeks

closed #169568

Water Utility Problems

1941 S Garrison Chapel RD

Case Date:

Consistently wet spot or water leaking near road. Caused major icing on road in winter. Always wet or leaks even in hot dry days. Near mailboxes 1821 S.. Garrison Chapel road.

closed #169570

Water Utility Problems

2205 E Ashwood CIR

Case Date:

We have had extremely low water pressure and flow since repair of water main break at the corner of Ashwood Drive and E Ashwoood circle a couple weeks ago. water often slows to a trickle, even if only one faucet on. Never had the problem before that. Is this the new normal ?

closed #169588

Water Utility Problems

824 S Park AVE

Case Date:

Account 16820-010 - Following activation of new services, water was turned off Friday, July 26, 2019. The home is occupied and residences are in temporary housing until servcies are reactivated and returned to normal servcie .

closed #169612

Website & Web Services Feedback

967-987 N Woodbridge Dr, Bloomington, Indiana, 47408

Case Date:

I have already paid the water bill on 6th july but the amount is not updated in the online account. Can anyone take a look into this ?

closed #169630

Water Utility Problems

4501-5699 E Lampkins Ridge Rd, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401

Case Date:

At my home address : 4777 E. Lampkins Ridge Rd the manhole cover on the underground water meter is cracked leaving a hole in the ground.

closed #169650

Potholes, Other Street Repair

521 E Winslow Farm DR

Case Date:

We have a drive/eyebrow off Winslow Farm Dr. Would like for city to repair the potholes/low places that hold water where the two roads meet, the drive through and Winslow Farm Dr. These places keep holding water and getting deeper.

closed #169661


2832 S Atlee ST

Case Date:

Thanks to the City’s recent quick action of cutting City’s dead tree in front of our house, now it looks much better. Here we just want to give City some advise in choosing the new tree plant location. It seems to us that the dead tree stump must be removed completely in order to replace a new one in the spot, due to the underground gas and water pipelines heavily laid around the tree stump, which makes it very difficult for you to chose another new plant location. We learnt this from the opposite newly house built situation. There were so many red flags around the dead tree stump. So in order to prevent from touching those gas line and cause the gas explosion, City must do it very carefully . Thank you very much for your prompt attention.

closed #169695

Parks & Playgrounds

Bryan Park

Case Date:

A water fountain has become stuck, unusable in current state.

closed #169711

Water Utility Billing Problems

W Upper Valley Rd, Bloomington, Indiana, 47404

Case Date:

I feel my water bill is wrong