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Street Trees

715 W 13th ST

Case Date:

Last year the City replaced a dead tree in the tree plot with a service berry. However, the service berry is now more than half dead, including the main trunk. Can you replace it with something else? The City did water it all last year so I don't know what happened. Thanks.

closed #177455

Water Quality

303 W 13th ST

Case Date:

There is a bad taste and smell coming from the tap water inside the house. It is almost musty or mildewy.

closed #172729

Utilities Construction

620 W 15th ST

Case Date:

There is water coming up from the street here. It's actually been happening for months. Looks like either some sort of water main break.

closed #172660

Water Utility Problems

615 W 15th ST

Case Date:

Water is actively percolating into the intersction, coming from pavement and along 15th Street in front of Fairview Apartments (615 W 15th Street), draining into sewer drains on either side of 15th Street, water also present along 15th Street to the east of this intersection, puddling. Water is clear, no oder, suspect suply line issue. Olympus Properties (812) 334-8200

closed #171159

Water Utility Billing Problems

915 N Madison ST

Case Date:

I was billed for 3000 gallons of water in a month that I used less than 100. Both the meter and the next bill I received reflect this. I assumed I would be credited for the overpayment when the meter was checked again, but that did not happen.

closed #169204

Water Quality

913 N College AVE

Case Date:

No water pressure

closed #169127

Water Quality

1316 N Maple ST

Case Date:

water is very cloudy

closed #168674

Water Utility Problems

1119 N Madison ST

Case Date:

There seems to be a small water leak coming from the meter in front of 1119 Madison. It looks like a puddle, but down the road it is obvious water is running. I only noticed on Wednesday, May 22nd. Today, May 26th, it is still leaking.

closed #166492

Water Utility Problems

220 W 14th ST

Case Date:

Almost no water pressure at the house. Barely able to run the shower. If the shower is running and a faucet is turned on the pressure drop will turn off the shower.

closed #166488

Water Utility Problems

517 W 13th ST

Case Date:

No water