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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

511 S Mitchell ST

Case Date:

The city has come out and measured several times for a culvert to be installed in front of my driveway. The problem is that the street is higher than my driveway and this house is at the bottom of a hill. When it rains all the debris from the street and houses above me come into my driveway. There is so much water that my basement can flood and the water level can easily reach several feet deep. I have at the moment blocks of stones in front of my driveway so that the debris and water keeps going down Mitchel street instead of blocking the small drainage grates that are in driveway. Sincerely, Philippe Garnier

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Water Utility Billing Problems

512 E 15th ST

Case Date:

My roommates and I have discovered that there was a leak with one of our toilets which caused it to continously run. So after we received our first month water bill we noticed that the bill was outrageously high and we immediately called the landlord to fix the leak. Since there was a leak, I am requesting a water bill appeal form if possible. Thank you.

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Water Utility Problems

512 S Jordan AVE

Case Date:

Low water pressure at home (512 S Jordan). Possible to test at meter?

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City Performance

515 S Walnut ST

Case Date:

Hello. I actually live at 410 S. Walnut, and I am beyond furious. You have workers "fixing" the roads on Walnut. They start before 7 everyday - which isn't even the problem. They shut off the water without alerting us. I have an important class I have to attend today looking horrible because I was not alerted to the fact that our water would be shut off. I am beyond disappointed. I can't even eat my breakfast this morning because oatmeal requires water. We deserve better from you.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

516-520 North Grant Street

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It is stated that this is done but the picture clearly shows where there are still large pot holes that look like a small pond in between our parking lot and the apartment building across. There is obviously water in the large holes so if this needs to be done when it is dry outside I would think that would be the best time to fill it so it is even. The job work done in less than an hour time does not look like an efficient job.

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Drainage or Runoff

519 E 10th ST

Case Date:

Please indicate if you have any current or archived records pertaining to current or historic septic tank systems, monitoring wells, drinking water wells, underground or aboveground storage tanks, hazardous waste storage or disposal, or any other records of environmental significance. Thank you.

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Water Utility Billing Problems

538-598 West Amaryllis Drive

Case Date:

Would like to know when water bill is due. I have not received any notice yet.

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Drainage or Runoff

598 E Graham PL

Case Date:

Attn Phil/ and ED, I have doubts a foot more will be deep enough. I have heard the roar of racing water in my backyard. It has moved some of the 30 to 40 pound stones I have placed to slow the erosion. Please consider a deep ditch. Thanks

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Drainage or Runoff

615-705 South Clifton Avenue

Case Date:

During heavy rains, like this past tuesday, our driveway takes all of the storm run-off for the street because it has a reverse slope. This ends up flooding our garage and basement. We have installed extra drainage at the front of our garage and our neighbors have had an extensive gravel drain system landscaped that runs between our houses to help divert the water from the street as well. However, because of the extent of the water our two houses are taking for the street, we need the help of the city fully fix the drainage situations. Even with all the work that has been done, the water still pools in front of our driveway on the street and there is extensive erosion on the road. If photos are necessary I can take them during the next rain event. Thank you.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

618-698 South Eastside Drive

Case Date:

The water valve in the street at the intersection of University and Eastside Drive is leaking again. The City fixed this once last year, and the surface around the valve has been subsiding lightly since. There is a puddle of water that makes the subsidence stand out clearly. You can see the water run-off going down hill towards Second Street.