City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #135063

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

4012 W Broadway AVE

Case Date:

Storm ditch is clogged and full of rain water in front of his home, and up and down the street on both sides.

closed #135149

Utilities Construction

4070 W Barge LN

Case Date:

big water puddle in driveway, stays wet.

closed #126989


409 S Swain AVE

Case Date:

standing water in back yard

closed #162039

Unsafe Buildings

412 E 9TH ST

Case Date:

House has sump pump pouring out water down N Harold St onto E Alice St & east onto alley. It has eroded all gravel and is a hazard.

closed #140965

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

412 W Skyline DR

Case Date:

Drain pipe under the drive is bubbling out water.

closed #158373


4445 E Moores PIKE

Case Date:

Resident at 4445 E. Moores Pike called to report neighbor's yard waste that piles up next to her property. It's a small pile of brush right now, but in the past has been very large and attracting wasp nests, etc. Neighbor places yard waste next to the old water pump station.

closed #134151

Water Quality

4557 E Donington DR

Case Date:

Water is dirty and has a bad taste

closed #133286

Utilities Construction

4674 W Gifford RD

Case Date:

Water standing and running down the street in front of his residence

closed #150888

Drainage or Runoff

515 S Walnut ST

Case Date:

Ty left me a voice message indicating they were still having problems with water entering their building in the back alley and believed the Jordan Culvert reconstruction project from a few years ago was the cause.

closed #136082

Water Utility Problems

525 W 17th ST

Case Date:

Customer has brown water and toilets will not flush.