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closed #133925

Utilities Construction

7046 S Shields Ridge RD

Case Date:

Resident (Shawn Waylen?) at 7046 S. Shields Ridge Rd. reports that repairs are needed to yard and driveway. The new 36" water transmission pipeline was installed in this area.

closed #164501


823 W 7th ST

Case Date:

Sent Monday, May 21: "I have been to your office to complain about the mess at 823 w. 7th street. The front porch is covered with trash that has been accumulating for 15-20 years. The back and side yards are overgrown and contain litter and receptacles that can fill with standing water. The property is a breeding ground for mosquitos, rats, and other pests. I and several neighbors believe it poses a risk to public health. Your enforcement officer took a look, but told me that nothing was ticketable. I respectfully disagree. While the overgrown vegetation is not “turf grass”, it is a menace and eyesore. The garbage on the porch attracts human as well as animal pests. It invites others to litter and dump on the property. Although I was at your office, I was not given a complaint form to sign. Nor was I able to submit a complaint on your website. (I don’t know why unless it was my iPad) I definitely want to file an official complaint and have it kept on record. I also ask you to reconsider and help us to clean up this blight on the neighborhood. Thank you."

closed #164861

Excessive Growth

823 W 7th ST

Case Date:

"trash kept on porch; debris and stuff also; unkempt lawn and over-growth alongside of house and in back; water collecting materials in back." Problem exists for years.

closed #145762

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

880 S Woodscrest DR

Case Date:

Bee hive grate has standing water on top of it.

closed #172885

Excessive Growth

911 N Maple ST

Case Date:

Yard waste, claims "poison" being poured on the area where excessive growth. Concerned about "poison" getting into other yards, being near children and the safety of the water supply.

closed #136810

Drainage or Runoff

913 S Timothy CT

Case Date:

There is an inordinate amount of water that comes off 2nd St in a big drain pipe and into the backyards. Her neighbor enclosed a drainage swale and the pipe is not deep enough and now pushes water onto a different location on her property. She said a guy from the City came out before and said what her neighbor did on his property was wrong and changed things. She has hired a contractor to try and fix her property so it doesn't go in her crawl space but wants the city to look at it because she isn't sure she can do these things and isn't sure she is responsible.

closed #135441

Utilities Construction

936 S Brumley CT

Case Date:

Customer doesnt like where new water pit was installed. Wants supervisor to call her and explain why?

closed #158060


Bloomington Rail Trail

Case Date:

Here is the content of the email we received at the Mayor's office. "The electric company’s tree trimming crew was recently working along the B-Line trail and they left a lot of debris in the storm water ditch. Along with the debris that was already there, the ditch is now clogged such that water overflows and floods the trail. This is close to light pole number 83, a short distance south of the driveway that connects the convention center parking lots (i.e., a short distance north of Second Street). It would be a simple matter for two workers with shovels and a truck to clear the debris out of the ditch."

closed #143285


E Chris LN

Case Date:

Director sent an email about water hearter in yard of a Jeff Jones property on Chris Lane

closed #133277

Utilities Construction

S Walnut Street PIKE

Case Date:

Heavy rain water is not going into the storm drain properly