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closed #172660

Water Utility Problems

615 W 15th ST

Case Date:

Water is actively percolating into the intersction, coming from pavement and along 15th Street in front of Fairview Apartments (615 W 15th Street), draining into sewer drains on either side of 15th Street, water also present along 15th Street to the east of this intersection, puddling. Water is clear, no oder, suspect suply line issue. Olympus Properties (812) 334-8200

closed #172616

Drainage or Runoff

1524 W 8th ST

Case Date:

At the tree line behind my house and garage, there has been inches of water standing since around Thursday or Friday. I have lived here for 30 years and have never seen the water standing like this. I believe something has happened at the house behind the trees and draining down into my yard. The house had had issues of the homeless in and out of there and I am deeply concerned about the damage to my, and my neighbor's yards. Please advise

closed #172506

Drainage or Runoff

120 S Park Ridge RD

Case Date:

Water and debris continuously builds up on the west side of the street. The road slopes to the west side and there are no nearby stormwater drains. The closest drain is 1/2 block north on the opposite side of the street. This picture is directly in front of my house. The pavement at this site erodes due to all the standing water and debris and requires consistent patching. I have lived at this address for 16 years and this has been an ongoing problem. I have concerns this will only get worse as there is a new bus route starting in August which will be using this stretch of the road several times a day. I am told the road is to be resurfaced this summer however, without a proper drain system in place this will not resolve the problem. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

closed #172338

Parks & Playgrounds

320 W 8th ST

Case Date:

When is the water going to be turned back on at the Ferguson dog park?

closed #172295

Water Utility Problems

320 W 8th ST

Case Date:

No water at 5599 N Brummetts Creek rd

closed #172166

Water Utility Problems

3421 N Windcrest DR

Case Date:

Water seems to be coming out from where the meter is.

closed #172149

Water Utility Problems

1002 W Cascade AVE

Case Date:

I believe there is a water leak somewhere near me. My water usage has apparently tripled since last month, while i have been conserving water due to not having enough income to pay the usual bill.

closed #172103

Blocked Sidewalk

557 N Park Ridge RD

Case Date:

603 557 n park ridge road. Between these two houses muddy pool of water several inches deep on sidewalk. Not sure if broken pipe or just horribly maintained but not passable and definitely not wheelchair access.

closed #172059

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

2638 E Dekist ST

Case Date:

Third year in a row (2/8/2018 # 163027, 2/8/2019 #167355), when the fatberg grows just downstream from me, the city delivers hundreds of gallons of sewage into my basement. This year was a new high water: 6-7 inches. It is sewer, not my house backing up... It is because of a flaw in the connections just downstream from me. The city has closed the previous reports as "Resolved" without my consent. This is obviously not resolved. I'd much rather have Bloomington spend money on fixing this, rather than attorney fees, but without quick resolution, this year, I will proceed.

closed #172052

Water Utility Problems

314 E Lookout LN

Case Date:

There is a potential water leak from the meter to the residence water main. This was reported earlier case# 171990 and status changed to resolved but the problem still exists. Please notify me of resolution findings at mttraas@yahoo.com or text 812-369-3051. Thank you. Mark T Traas