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The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a strategic capital investment planning document used by the Bloomington-Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMCMPO) to program funding for multimodal transportation projects. Pursuant to federal transportation legislation, the TIP must include at least four fiscal years. The TIP documents federal-aid projects programmed and scheduled for phased completion in specific fiscal years along with state/local matching funding commitments. The TIP have consistency with the MPO's most recent Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), Transit Development Plan , and other transportation planning studies developed by the BMCMPO and local stakeholders.



The Bloomington-Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMCMPO) welcomes your comments on the Draft FY 2022-2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  Please access the Draft TIP Public Comment Form here.


The FY 2022-2026 TIP is a comprehensive list of planned and funded multi-modal transportation projects programmed for the Indiana Department of Transportation, Monroe County, Rural Transit, Bloomington Transit, and the City of Bloomington. Development of the new TIP requires a public involvement process that includes a public review by the BMCMPO Citizens Advisory Committee, the Technical Advisory Committee, and adoption by the Policy Committee before submission to state and federal agencies for final approval. In providing feedback on the proposed list of TIP projects, meeting attendees will help shape the project investment priorities of the BMCMPO for the next five years. The Draft 22-26 TIP document is available for review or electronic downloading.  Members of the public may submit comments regarding this draft document directly to BMCMPO staff by email at The BMCMPO staff will document and share all public comments, questions, and concerns with the MPO’s committees.  The Technical Advisory and Citizens Advisory Committees will meet August 25 to recommend adoption of the draft TIP, which the Policy Committee will vote to adopt September 10, 2021.

DRAFT BMCMPO - FY 2022-2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)




BMCMPO - FY 2020-2024 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) - Adopted April 2019


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