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Page last updated on May 14, 2020 at 11:49 am

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Director, Department of Public Works

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Senior Project Engineer

Department of Planning and Transportation



Kirkwood Pedestrian Enhancement Project Progess, Plus Paving and Road Improvement Updates

Bloomington, Ind. - The City of Bloomington continues to advance projects enhancing safety, transportation, economic vitality, and quality of life this spring.  Improvements to city streets, parking facilities, water, and wastewater system, and bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure are among the essential activities permitted to proceed by state and local regulations and in compliance with current public health guidelines.  City employees are practicing and working with contractors to implement CDC protocols regarding physical distancing, hygiene, and disinfection of vehicles and equipment to protect workers engaged in these projects and prevent community transmission of COVID-19.


Kirkwood Avenue Maintenance Project 

Since April 1, the Kirkwood Avenue Maintenance Project has progressed with the construction of pedestrian enhancements to Bloomington’s landmark boulevard.  The project is replacing deteriorating brick crosswalks at each intersection and installing removable bollard barriers to restrict vehicular traffic during street fairs and festivals. Crosswalks have thus far been installed at Indiana Avenue, Grant Street, and Washington Street and those intersections reopened to pedestrians and vehicular traffic.  Currently, under construction, the intersections at Dunn, Lincoln, and Walnut Streets are currently closed to vehicular traffic; pedestrians are directed to the alternative walk arounds and temporary ADA ramps in place at these locations.  Traffic on Lincoln is currently running in two directions between Fourth Street and Kirkwood until the intersection there reopens.

For the duration of the project, traffic will be able to flow through the intersections not under construction.  By design no two adjacent intersections will be closed simultaneously, to allow for access to businesses and residences in the area.  In all, 18 curb ramps and 18 stamped concrete crosswalks at Indiana, Dunn, Grant, Lincoln, and Washington together with 90+ bollards along Kirkwood are scheduled for installation by June 1.  After milling and paving the entire length of Kirkwood, the project is expected to be complete by the end of June.  More information is available here.   


Milling/Paving and Concrete Repair 

With spring’s warmer temperatures, the 2020 paving schedule has begun and concrete and curb repair is underway. Sidewalks are currently being replaced in the 1100 block of West Bloomfield Road.  Paving is taking place this week along South Swain Avenue from East Atwater south to the road’s end, and north to East Third Street.  Paving is also underway on East Atwater Avenue from South Highland Avenue to the road’s end and on East State Court from South Swain to the road’s end.  This year’s proposed paving schedule is mapped at this link.  

Atwater Paving
Repaving Atwater in action


East Third Street Resurfacing/Reconfiguration Project                                                                    

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is currently replacing curb ramps on the north side of East Third Street from Pete Ellis Drive to Morningside Drive as part of a resurfacing/reconfiguration project.  The project includes patching, milling, and paving, and curb ramp replacement along the 1.4-mile section of East Third Street between College Mall Road and State Road 446.  Following paving, the roadway will be reconfigured between Clarizz and S.R. 446 to include a center turn lane, with one travel lane in each direction. Bike lanes will also be incorporated on each side. The project is scheduled to be completed by August 2020.  More information about the project is available through INDOT at or 1-855-463-6848. 


West Allen Traffic Calming Project                                                                                                   

Speed hump installation on West Allen Street between Adams Street and Patterson Drive is complete, and the street has reopened to two-way traffic.  More information about the project is available here.   

More information about current City-led infrastructure projects is available here.  When encountering the foregoing improvement projects, drivers are asked to travel slowly, cautiously, and distraction-free through every construction zone and be attentive to lane changes for their safety and that of the workers.