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Date - 1975 Number Status Title Download
December 18 75-52 Passed Resolution 75-52 Budget Transfers Within Water Utility ($50,000) and Sewer Utility ($30,000) Resolution
December 18 75-51 Passed Resolution 75-51 Budget Transfers  Resolution
December 18 75-50 Passed Resolution 75-50 Budget Transfer Within Board of Public Works ($12,500)  Resolution
- - - 75-49 Not Introduced [Resolution 75-49 - - -
December 4 75-48 Passed Resolution 75-48 A Resolution Approving Financing for the Proposed College Mall Tennis Club Project Resolution
- - - 75-47 Not Introduced [Resolution 75-47 - - -
December 18 75-46 Passed Resolution 75-46 A Resolution Ratifying the Rules and Regulations of the Redevelopment Commission Relating to the Implementation of the Modified Rehabilitation Grant Program: CDBG No. B-F5-HN-1B-0002 Resolution
December 4 75-45 Passed Resolution 75-45 Budget Transfers  Resolution
December 18 75-44 Passed Resolution 75-44 A Resolution Urging the Utilities Service Board to Enact Rules and Regulation for Customer Relations that Reflect Provisions of the Utility Consumer Bill of Rights Resolution
- - - 75-43 Tabled Resolution 75-43 A Resolution to Review the Complete History of the Negotiations between the Board of Public Works and Public Service Indiana on Street Lighting for the Last Five Years and Forward to the Citizen's Energy Coalition, Public Service Indiana and the Indiana Public Service Commission Resolution
December 4 75-42 Passed Resolution 75-42 A Resolution Granted an Extension of Three Months for the Child Care Task Force to Submit a Final Report Resolution
November 20 75-41 Passed Resolution 75-41 A Resolution Encouraging Representatives of the Mayor's Office and Common Council to Convene to Determine the Related Services of the Citizen Participation Program Resolution
November 20 75-40 Passed Resolution 75-40 A Resolution Urging the Monroe County Election Board to Use its Statutory Powers to Determine Whether or Not Irregularities did Occur in the City Elections Held on November 4, 1975  Resolution
November 20 75-39 Passed Resolution 75-39 A Resolution Congratulating Gregory Gallo for the Honor He has Received and Expressing Confidence that He will Prove a Credit to Both the Catholic Youth Organization and to the City of Bloomington Resolution
November 20 75-38 Passed Resolution 75-38 Budget Transfers  Resolution
November 20 75-37 Passed Resolution 75-37 A Resolution Creating a Human Resources Community Forum on Saturday, December 6, 1975  Resolution
November 6 75-36 Passed Resolution 75-36 Budget Transfers  Resolution
October 16 75-35 Passed Resolution 75-35 A Resolution Accepting the Report of the Child Care Task Force on the Day Care Voucher System Resolution
October 16 75-34 Passed Resolution 75-34 A Resolution Empowering the Mayor of the City of Bloomington to Lease the City Court Room and Attendant Officers for the Annual Rental Charge of Thirteen Hundred Fifty Dollars  Resolution
- - - 75-33 Not Introduced Resolution 75-33 Not Introduced - - -
October 16 75-32 Passed Resolution 75-32 Budget Transfers Resolution
August 16 75-31 Passed Resolution 75-31 Budget Transfers and Additional Appropriations for the Bloomington Sewer Utility  Resolution
September 18 75-30 Passed Resolution 75-30 Budget Transfers  Resolution
September 4 75-29 Passed Resolution 75-29 Temporary Loans  Resolution
September 4 75-28 Passed Resolution 75-28 A Resolution Expressing the Council's Shock, Grief and Gratitude to the Memory of Captain Donald E. Owens and to his Family  Resolution
September 4 75-27 Passed Resolution 75-27 A Resolution Allowing the Board of Public Safety to Obtain Necessary Emergency Vehicles by Inviting Bids from at Least Three Persons, Firms, or Corporations  Resolution
September 4 75-26 Passed Resolution 75-26 Budget Transfers Within Treasurer's Office ($200), Fire Department ($3,950), Police Department ($10,200), Parking Meter ($9,000), Personnel Department ($250), Parks & Recreation Department ($16,000, $6,000), and Federal Revenue Sharing - Transit Department ($600, $2,800, $450) Resolution
September 4 75-25 Passed Resolution 75-25 A Resolution Congratulating the Rescue Group that Saved Five People Lost in Buckner Cave on August 7th, 1975  Resolution
August 25 75-24 Passed Resolution 75-24 A Resolution Approving the Compensation to City Officials to be Provided by the Utilities Service Board and Director of Utilties Resolution
September 4 75-23 Passed Resolution 75-23 A Resolution Approving the Affirmative Action Plan Submitted by the Mayor  Resolution
August 7 75-22 Passed Resolution 75-22 Budget Transfers Within the Common Council ($300) Resolution
August 7 75-21 Passed Resolution 75-21 A Resolution Congratulating Michael Corbett and Dianna Dixon on the Superior Quality of their Work on the Budget  Resolution
August 7 75-20 Passed Resolution 75-20 A Resolution Authorizing the Mayor of the City of Bloomington to Certify the Signatures of City Officials to Draw on the Letter of Credit for Community Development Block Grant No. B-75-EN-18-0002  Resolution
September 18 75-19 Passed Resolution 75-19 A Resolution Designating a Planned Unit Development Within the Jurisdiction of the Bloomington Zoning Ordinance Dated June 23, 1973  Resolution
June 19 75-18 Passed Resolution 75-18 A Resolution Authorizing the President of the Board of Public Works to Execute and Enter in a Lease with the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad Company for a Sidewalk-Bicycle Path  Resolution
June 12 75-17 Passed Resolution 75-17 Budget Transfers Within Rose Hill Cemetery ($320), Controller's Office ($261), and Mayor's Office ($100) Resolution
- - - 75-16 Not Introduced Resolution 75-16 Hoosier Racquet Club Bonding  Resolution
May 15 75-15 Passed Resolution 75-15 Budget Transfers Within the Controller's Office ($1,200) and Fire Department ($3,000) Resolution
June 5 75-14 Passed Resolution 75-14 A Resolution Congratulating Councilperson Flo Davis on her Receipt of the "Nuturer Award" from Local Health Related Agencies Resolution
May 1 75-13 Passed Resolution 75-13 Budget Transfers Within Board of Safety ($77) and Human Resources Department ($500) Resolution
April 24 75-12 Passed Resolution 75-12 A Resolution Creating the Child Care Task Force and Other Related Matters Resolution
April 24 75-11 Passed Resolution 75-11 Rail Passenger Service for Bloomington Resolution
April 24 75-10 Passed Resolution 75-10 Budget Transfers Within Animal Shelter ($200) and Engineering - Community Development ($500) Resolution
April 24 75-09 Passed Resolution 75-09 Resolution of the Common Council of the City of Bloomington, Indiana, Requesting that the State of Indiana Acting By and Through the State Planning Services Agency Make Application to the Department of Housing and Urban Development for a Grant to Provide Planning Assistance for a Planning Project for the City of Bloomington and Pledging Funds to Pay for Its Share of the Project  Resolution
April 10 75-08 Passed Resolution 75-08 Requesting an Environmental Statement Resolution
April 10 75-07 Passed Resolution 75-07 Human Resources Resolution Outlining the Duties of the Special Projects Staff of the Department of Human Resources Resolution
- - - 75-06 Withdrawn Resolution 75-06 Railroad Crossings Resolution to Upgrade All Railroad Crossings within the City Limits to Meet the Minimum Requirements of the Highway Safety Act of 1973 Resolution
April 10 75-05 Passed Resolution 75-05 Resolution Determining the Expenditures of the Community Development Block Grant for the Year 1975 Resolution
September 4 75-04 Passed Resolution 75-04 Resolution Approving the Contract Compliance Regulations of the Bloomington Human Rights Commission Resolution
March 6 75-03 Passed Resolution 75-03 A Resolution to Create the Human Resources Task Force to Find the Five Most Qualified Applicants for the Position of Human Resources Resolution
February 6 75-02 Passed Resolution 75-02 Temporary Loan From Parking Facilities Fund ($23,500) to Park District Construction Fund  Resolution
February 20 75-01 Passed Resolution 75-01 Temporary Loan From Local Roads and Street Fund ($100,000) to Parks & Recreation  Resolution