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Date - 1978 Number Status Title Download
December 7 78-30 Passed Resolution 78-30 To Approve a Contract Between the Utilities Service Board and Black & Veatch for Engineering Services for PCB Removal Resolution
October 16 78-29 Passed Resolution 78-29 Encomium for the Indiana University Soccer Team Resolution
December 7 78-28 Passed Resolution 78-28 To Amend the City of Bloomington Affirmative Action Plan  Resolution
November 2 78-27 Passed Resolution 78-27 To Transfer Responsibility for the Residential Center for Recovering Alcoholics to the South Central Mental Health Foundation, Inc.  Resolution
October 19 78-26 Passed Resolution 78-26 A Resolution to Approve an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement between the City of Bloomington and County of Monroe for the Shared Use of the County Building on Seventh Street & College Avenue Resolution
October 19 78-25 Passed Resolution 78-25 To Approve the Lease Dated September 6,1978 Between the Old Library, Incorporated, and the Monroe County Historical Society Resolution
October 19 78-24 Passed Resolution 78-24 To Authorize the Mayor to Execute the Contract Pertaining to the Urban Mass Transportation Grant Awarded to the City of Bloomington  Resolution
October 5 78-23 Passed Resolution 78-23 To Approve the Application by the Bloomington Housing Authority for a Preliminary Plan for Low-Rent Public Housing Resolution
October 5 78-22 Passed Resolution 78-22 To Approve Application of the Federal Section 8 Housing Provisions to the Bloomington Housing Authority Resolution
August 17 78-21 Passed Resolution 78-21 To Ensure Communications Between the Administration and the Economic Development Coordinator Resolution
August 3 78-20 Passed Resolution 78-20 To Support the Mayor's Challenge of the Proposed Public Service Indiana Rate Increase Resolution
August 20 78-19 Passed Resolution 78-19 To Authorize the Controller to Pay Dues for Organizations  Resolution
July 6 78-18 Passed Resolution 78-18 To Increase Funding of Transit Grant Application Resolution
- - - 78-17 Not Introduced Resolution 78-17 To Declare that There is a Need for a Building Authority in Monroe County and to Authorize Creation of Such an Authority Not Introduced Resolution
April 20 78-16 Passed Resolution 78-16 To Support the Creation of a County Building Authority and to Authorize the Council President to Meet with County Officials to Discuss the Authority Resolution
June 15 78-15 Passed Resolution 78-15 A Resolution Adopting the City of Bloomington's Amended Affirmative Action Plan  Resolution
- - - 78-14 Withdrawn Resolution 78-14 - - -
May 18 78-13 Passed Resolution 78-13 Resolution Confirming the Mayor's Authority to Sign an Agreement with the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad Company for the Establishment of a Crossing at the Intersection of Pete Ellis Drive and the Illinois Gulf Central Railroad Company Tracks Resolution
April 20 78-12 Passed Resolution 78-12 An Inducement Resolution for the Issuance of Revenue Bonds for the Financing of Economic Development Facilities for the Bloomington Athletic Club  Resolution
April 6 78-11 Passed Resolution 78-11 An Inducement Resolution for the Issuance of Revenue Bonds for the Financing of Economic Development Facilities Resolution
April 20 78-10 Passed Resolution 78-10 To Authorize Filing a Revised Application with the Department of Transportation for an Urban Mass Transportation Grant Under the Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964, as Amended  Resolution
March 16 78-09 Passed Resolution 78-09 Encomium for the Indiana University Basketball Team  Resolution
March 16 78-08 Passed Resolution 78-08 Temporary Loan From Local Road and Street Fund ($30,000) to Police Pension Fund Resolution
March 1 78-07 Passed Resolution 78-07 To Approve the Leasing by the Old Library, Incorporated, Monroe County Museums, of Space in the Old Carnegie Library Building to the Monroe County Historical Society, Incorporated for Operation of a History Museum  Resolution
February 23 78-06 Passed Resolution 78-06 Interdepartmental Funding Agreement Resolution
February 1 78-05 Passed Resolution 78-05 To Appoint Milton Mitnick, State Director of Civil Defense, as Applicant Agent for Federal Emergency Assistance Resolution
February 1 78-04 Passed Resolution 78-04 Special: PUD - Planned Unit Development ‡A Resolution to Amend the Zoning Maps Dated June 22, 1973 Resolution
February 23 78-03 Passed Resolution 78-03 Recommendations of Mayor for Distribution of Community Development Funds  Resolution
January 4 78-02 Passed Resolution 78-02 Unemployment Compensation Election Resolution
January 4 78-01 Passed Resolution 78-01 Investment of Funds ‡ A Resolution Authorizing the City Controller to Invest Any Funds on Hand Held by the Controller not then Needed in Order to Meet Current Demands Nor Required for Legal Reserves, without Securing Prior Approval Resolution