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Potholes, Other Street Repair

500-598 N Prow Ave, Bloomington, Indiana, 47408

Case Date:

This pothole collects water drainage / ice at the end of the street and causes cars to get stuck in the winter.

closed #166692

Water Utility Problems

1230 W 20th ST

Case Date:

There is construction going on outside of my home. It looks like water is leaking and has been for awhile. And since the construction started my water pressure has been terrible.

closed #166609

Water Quality

608 W Cherokee DR

Case Date:

I contacted James last week since our water was yellow/brown when turned hot. He said to let the water run for a few minutes then put water from each faucet, hot and cold, into 2 clear water jars, from each faucet. The color is still present, but the water is much clearer. What should I do next? My address is 812 West Cherokee Drive, Bloomington IN, 47403

closed #166570

Water Utility Billing Problems

400-598 W Amaryllis Dr, Bloomington, Indiana, 47404

Case Date:

Extremely high bill that was a problem last month, and is again a problem this month. Im not paying for water I didn’t use. I can’t afford it, I’m a college student. The bill went from $40-50 to $250-$350. This is ridiculous. We usually average 4-5 thousand gallons.. The first high bill was 26 thousand gallons, the second (most recent) bill is 20 thousand gallons. Maintenance for my apartment has come and checked everything, nothings wrong. Has to be a bigger problem. The bill needs to be waived, and the problem needs to be fixed. I live at Hoosier Court Apartments, apartment 519.

closed #166562

City Construction Projects

4612 W Arlington RD

Case Date:

Where the new water line is going in on Arlington/17th there is cut actoss the road at the 46 bridge. It has been pretty deep to drive across but today on my way home the west bound lane has ~6inch drop towards the shoulder. Even slowing down I was afraid I damaged my car because you cant see the drop until you have already drove across it. Im in a bigger vechicle and it was a huge jar...

closed #166557

Drainage or Runoff

Morrison's Appliances and Service

Case Date:

At 900 W Kirkwood Ave, in front of the gates at our company, there seems to be a continuous pooling/running of water right at the sidewalk. It runs into the road and then east on the street. With colder weather coming, our concern is it freezing and causing more problems.

closed #166513


5314 S Southway DR

Case Date:

The person that this is addressed to does not live here at 5314 S. Southway Drive. And we keep getting bills for them. Have came to report this in person and also attempted to call your office with no results. Please get this taken care of. If not to stop the annoyance to me, to help this person keep their water on.

closed #166503

Drainage or Runoff

501 N Morton ST

Case Date:

Dodds and the B line. There seems to be some kind of water leak.

closed #166498

Water Utility Problems

3900-3998 S Emilie Ct, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401

Case Date:

Experiencing low water pressure for the 2nd day on Emilie Court. There was a water main break a few days ago.

closed #166495

Water Utility Problems

1805 S Huntington Gardens PL

Case Date:

Low water pressure at S Huntington Gardens Pl. (39.146375, -86.521690) from 5:20am through 6:30am, when I left for work