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S Henderson St

Case Date:

The guard rail at Wingslow and Hinderson is in need of repair or replacement. If someone rear ended my little Miata into that corner I'd either go under into the water or just get decapitated. Please fix this s soon.

closed #141731

Drainage or Runoff

McDoel Greenway Corridor

Case Date:

storm water pipes are clogged and stream bed is eroding. This is on the B-line just west of the rail overpass and across from the new Habitat development. Looks like i'm about to loose a tree to erosion in the storm ditch.

closed #144779


McDoel Greenway Corridor

Case Date:

Water fountain on Bline near Wonderlab is missing buttons. Dog fountain is clogged.

closed #154974


Jackson Creek Trl

Case Date:

Water and mud and moss is accumulating on the path between Olcott park and Sherwood oaks park to the east of the red bridge over Jackson creek. Makes it hard to use and it is dangerous because it is slippery.

closed #147557

City Construction Projects

Indiana University, Bloomington

Case Date:

Subsidence of manhole cover. (Water) I have seen no less than 3 people stumble due to 1/2" drop. Maybe bevel edge of brick.

closed #131797

Water Utility Problems

939 S High ST

Case Date:

Water flowing across High Street for several days now.

closed #160841

Water Utility Problems

933 N Jackson ST

Case Date:

615 W 6th St water leaking out of ground and on to road.

closed #132468

Parks & Playgrounds

909 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

Water fountain near enclosed playground isn't draining.

closed #147076

Water Quality

889–1021 S College Mall Rd

Case Date:

After seeing the water run clear all summer in Jackson Creek (I think that's what runs in front of the Shoppes on College Mall Rd.) this morning the water was very muddy and there was the smell of dead fish. Since there has not been rain recently it seems like something has been dumped in there. Something doesn't seem right about it anyway.

closed #157155

Water Utility Problems

778 S Fieldstone BLVD

Case Date:

Water meter leaking 780 s fieldstone blvd