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Drainage or Runoff

711-799 West Graham Drive

Case Date:

Water form the neighborhood is flowing into my yard causing floods and interior damage once saturated. I have a lot of video evidence. I am trying to repair damage on my own, but I can't keep up.

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Drainage or Runoff

711 W Graham DR

Case Date:

Water runoff is still an issue. I have reported this before and it is causing damage to my yard and basement. This area really needs a sidewalk or curb with storm drains.

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Drainage or Runoff

704 E Winslow Farm DR

Case Date:

Note location should be Winslow Farm Community Association storm water retention pond (DO NOT contact this home address). Note: I live at 414 E Wylie Farm road. My question is should soil erosion in Winslow forest be abated since we have a lot of soil in our storm water detention pond that seems to highly likely have come from Winslow woods (accumulated since WFCA pond was constructed in 1995).

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

7030 South Shields Ridge Road

Case Date:

Road destroyed for months by construction of water line. Who do we send the bill to for wheel bearings and alignments?

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Water Quality

703 S Anita ST

Case Date:

Just wondered if there was a way to find out about drinking water advisories and boil orders that aren't checking this website every day. Is there such a thing as signing up for a text alert for this service? Thanks for your time.

closed #163197

Potholes, Other Street Repair

701-715 South Mitchell Street

Case Date:

I am the owner-occupier at 1604 E University St. January 8-10, a water line had frozen and was repaired under the gravel alley that leads to the driveway/parking spots at the back of my house (and 3 other residences). At the conclusion of the repair, the two large holes that had been dug to access the water line had been filled in and some new gravel was spread over them. I do not believe that enough gravel was replaced, as the alley is now incredibly uneven and there are several large low spots that make it difficult to navigate, especially in the recent icy/snowy conditions. Is it possible for the City to add some more gravel to the alley?

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

7000-7226 U.S. 421

Case Date:

There is a really big hole at the corner of East Thornton Drive and South Covey Lane - it gets bigger with each rain (water runs down the hill off Thornton). Do you think that this can be patched soon before it gets much worse? Thank you so much.

closed #160568

Water Utility Problems

700-798 West Whitethorn Place

Case Date:

Us and our neighbor are experiencing a lot of air in our water lines the last two days.

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Water Utility Billing Problems

634 N Maple ST

Case Date:

I did not receive my bill this month and it is not on the website, but I already made my payment with a surcharge, only the balance due appears. I have had months of harassment on my account first charging me 28 to 40 dollars in my bill, the cover of my water meter was out of place for days and then I went to the office where they shouted to me that it was my fault the wrong size of my garbage cart and now not only does not get my receipt, you do not put it on the internet paging for me to know, now that you are charging me. Someone knows why and can inform me?

closed #162213

Drainage or Runoff

634 N Maple ST

Case Date:

I do not have water in my house.