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Water Utility Problems

4100-4198 W Grand Ave

Case Date:

Have a sinkhole in yard and green grass over it. Looks like a water leak in main line.

closed #163186

Potholes, Other Street Repair

4079 W Geranium LN

Case Date:

entire geranium lane is covered in large pothols and now water is standing in multiple areas

closed #144112

Drainage or Runoff

407 E Blue Ridge DR

Case Date:

Project to fix a problem for someone else created a problem for us - water draining poorly creating a muddy mess.

closed #162312

Street Snow Removal

407 1/2 N Dunn ST

Case Date:

One of the houses near us pumps their water on to the street as well as Alice street, creating ice and slush. At least five cars have gotten stuck on the street in the past two days.

closed #150919

Parks & Playgrounds

4010-4524 East Stone Mill Road

Case Date:

The largest section in Ferguson dog park has many puddles that fill in when it rains, one of which is almost always full and is very deep. The puddles get very muddy, and when the water is turned off for winter, there is no way to prevent dogs from getting in the puddle and then no way to clean them off. It would be beneficial, I believe, to fill in these holes with dirt of gravel so this would no longer be an issue. Thanks for considering!

closed #166183

Water Utility Billing Problems

401 S Mitchell ST

Case Date:

Water Meter not working. Bill is 0 usage for 2 months. 1219 E Atwater Ave. Account Number 21642-023.

closed #161277

Water Utility Problems

4001 S Clear View DR

Case Date:

My water meter shows that I may have a leak. I would like someone to come and see if it is between my house and the meter or the meter and the road.

closed #164281

Water Utility Problems

3901-3999 South Baytree Lane

Case Date:

Total loss of water pressure; no water coming out of the taps on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 6:00 PM. What time will this be resolved?

closed #148463

Potholes, Other Street Repair

3883-3887 East Resents Circle

Case Date:

Recently, I reported some damage to the E. Regents Circle street, which the City immediately fixed. The repair work was OUTSTANDING, by the way! The promptness and quality of the repair work was spot-on ... many thanks to the City! However, after a few months we've noticed that the asphalt used for the repair appears to now be "separating" from the original pavement of the East edge of street (see attached photo). Our concern is that as winter approaches, there will be opportunities for water/snow/ice to accumulate, freeze, and actually cause *more* damage to the original repair work. Can we please request to have the City come check out this repair work to see if it needs additional work? Thank you so much in advance! - Rob Aney robaney@yahoo.com

closed #166269


3854 S Mill Stone CT

Case Date:

The bike path along Sare Road south of the intersection with Olcott is rapidly deteriorating due to continuous water flow over the path that washes dirt, branches and rocks onto the path. Something needs to be done to divert this water away from the path. In the winter the water freezes, leaving the path coated with a sheet of ice. Very dangerous for bikes and pedestrians.