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Drainage or Runoff

3701-3799 East Randolph Avenue

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We are experiencing a major storm water runoff problem on our property. It has become so bad that our driveway collapsed. We have also lost some trees and fear losing additional trees. In addition, a lot of trash is accompanies that large volume of water and settles on our property in what is now a muddy swamp. I think we need to work with the churches to the east of us who have huge parking lots to address the water runoff problem that is becoming worse all the time. Thank you in advance for addressing this problem.

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Water Utility Problems

3684 S Glasgow CIR

Case Date:

No water. Need water turned on at residence as requested last week.

closed #166148

Water Utility Problems

3537 S Tudor LN

Case Date:

Water leakage running down sidewalk into sewer on the Allendale sidewalk into the corner drainage grate on Tudor.

closed #165667

Potholes, Other Street Repair

3526 S Dunstan DR

Case Date:

Possible water main break. large amount of water running in street drain.

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Drainage or Runoff

3520-3526 East Park Lane

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Our neighborhood has had major issues with storm water for several years now, and we'd like to have someone come assess the area to see if there is a breakdown in the storm drain system in this area. The flooding issue begins between 3525 E. Third St. and 3520 E. Park Ln., and builds to the west along the property lines. During times of heavy rain (like we had over the weekend), many of the neighborhood back yards become flooded, and water tends to sit for several days afterwards. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of the water during the rains yesterday, but will work to submit one during the next rainfall. There appears to be a perfectly adequate stormwater drain in front of 3508 E. Park Ln, but there doesn't appear to be a ditch that will carry the water from between our homes to that stormwater drain. Some help would be greatly appreciated, as we have had water backup in our basement in years past from this issue. Thanks very much for your prompt attention and help. Best regards, Dave & Eileen Henthorn

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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

3519 S Tudor LN

Case Date:

We had our basement flood (wet carpet in half the basement) on January 20, 2017 without any previous sign of leakage on that side of the house. The source of the water is unclear, but I'm wondering if the home (built ca. 1973) has a footer drain connected to the storm drain. Kevin Potter is coming out to inspect for structural damage at 2 pm today (1/25/17) The city storm drain was updated within the past two years with the new pipe starting at the down-slope corner of our property. The neighbor two houses up-slope from us discharges a lot of water from his property and had excavation work done near the end of his french drain on the 18th or 19th. Part of this work involved off and onloading a sizeable backhoe in front of our driveway near where the old and new drain pipe would be joined. I'm not sure what work the neighbor had done. In addition to his drainage, the neighbor immediately down slope from us was also draining his pool into the storm drain on what had been a very rainy week. Is it possible to send a city employee out to see whether some combination of these activities has caused the drainage system to fail or otherwise backflow into our house? Thanks!

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Parks & Playgrounds

351 S Washington ST

Case Date:

The water fountain at third street park is not draining. Also, some of the railings around the decorative fountain are loose at their bases.

closed #160963

Water Utility Problems

350 S Walnut ST

Case Date:

Water is not cold - it is warm or hot.

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3433 E 3rd ST

Case Date:

Subject: Re: uReport Case #162510 - 3433_E._Third_St._property_needs_owner_attention Mike Arnold -- An update from a coupe weeks past on this address, I have been been busy or else would have sent a message sooner. 2/10/18: I reported to Bloomington Police the north, back of house, doors open. Lower door wide open, upper door open but storm door closed. Officers (six) arrived and cleared the house, Windows are still unlocked and storm windows may be opened as they are not closed in place on nearly all windows. Please make contact with the owner and request that they close all windows and check the two doors so they may be closed and locked. I have mentioned to you in the past, on the lower door, stone wall has fallen and mud prevents storm door to close. This needs attention. Please be more aggressive in your home owner contact. Monitoring this house and follow up on securing the house is now using Police time and resources. Plus my time and others neighbors concern that the house is being entered by homeless and others trespassers. It appears a mess inside and needs attention. If you cannot get results on this homeowner's negligence, see history back to 2004 where the city has sited issues, I will follow up with the Mayor and City legal. This needs to be solved to hold the homeowner accountable for action before something bad happens; house fire, frozen water pipes, trespassers cause issues. If you can, please tell me who the homeowner is and their contact information. I am willing to contact them to discuss issues (as the Neighborhood Association representative) - plus Bloomington Police wish to make contact. By the way - the house has not been occupied since December 2016. See attached photos Thanks - Steve Akers 3449 E. Longview Ave. ________________________________________ From: uReport <uReport@ureport-prod.bloomington.in.gov> Sent: Thursday, February 8, 2018 10:32 AM To: spakers@iu.edu Subject: uReport Case #162510 https://bloomington.in.gov/crm/tickets/view?ticket_id=162510 Closed by Mike Arnold Have driven by the property. The doors and windows are closed. Does not appear to be occupied. HAND will monitor the structure.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

3420 S Leonard Springs RD

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Could your department please look into why Leonard Springs Rd always floods near the Van Buren Apartments. The ditches hold water and because the road dips in the same area the road is always flooded when it rains as well. Thank you Laura Lane