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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

2713-2747 South Adams Street

Case Date:

The family of beavers appear to have moved into the detention pond on Tapp Rd. and South Adams Street. They have leveled several trees and are plugging up both the inlet for the neighborhood drainage and the outlet which allows the water to leave the pond. They have stuffed they incoming water pipe very full and water is backing up on the north side of west Adams Hill. This issue appears to be getting worse by the day.

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Water Utility Problems

2622 N Cascade DR

Case Date:

water leaking from street in front of house

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2431 S Bryan ST

Case Date:

abandon residence entered by homeless, no electricity, water, heat graffiti on exterior of building. unable to find current owner via Monroe county GIS to request clean up and to secure building doors and windows broken into i am sure that soon it will become a health issue it already is a eye sore to to the area, now that it has been tagged by graffiti it is a open invitation to vandals to spread throughout the area i would like to request that the owners be required to clean up the area

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Drainage or Runoff

2429 E Rock Creek DR

Case Date:

We have lived here for nearly 40 years and the creek water has never looked this bad. Yes, after a heavy rain, it is cloudy, but it hasn't rained for over a week. The water looks very dirty and there is a bad smell, as well. Not sure if this is the department to inform. If not please pass this along. Children play in the creek and there seems to be some type of runoff or other issue that is making the water look bad. Thanks

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Water Utility Problems

2384 E Linden Hill DR

Case Date:

For the past few days I have noticed moisture apparently coming from under the street at the corner of my yard in the Linden Hill subdivision. The gutter in front of my mailbox seems to have a small amount of water present when no other standing water is visible in the neighborhood. Looks like an underground leak which needs to be investigated. Not bad now but could get worse. Thanks.

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Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

2321 S Montclair AVE

Case Date:

Crews have patched potholes on Montclair Ave within the last few weeks, but they missed an area that is on the edge of the roadway, next to the curb, near the southeast corner of Montclair, right near the intersection with Rock Creek. There are several holes that fill with water after a storm, leaving standing water that will encourage mosquito breeding. Please come back and fix this spot. Thanks, John

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Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

2311 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Hi, I'd like to report a sewer problem. There is a steady stream of water flowing out of a manhole. It leaks across the sidewalk and then onto Rogers where it flows into the storm sewer drain. It's on the northeast corner at the intersection of South Rogers and Coolidge. I just wanted to alert the utilities department about the issue. Thanks.

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Drainage or Runoff

2215-2221 South Sweetbriar Circle

Case Date:

Water running on street reported by association member.

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Drainage or Runoff

2201 E Autumn DR

Case Date:

I submitted an erosion/drainage issue behind my house (2201 E. Autumn Dr. Bloomington IN 47401). Someone from City called and left a message for me saying that it is on private property therefore City will not take care of it. I showed it to several other folks and in their opinion, it is City's responsibility since the rainwater pipe is the one causing the damage. I am not sure if your site visitors went to the location to verify this. The rain water from the entire neighborhood comes through this pipe and ends in the creek. I am attaching a picture with this form so that you can take a look at it.If the site visitor wants to visit again, this is happening in between (the back of ) houses 2201 and 2200.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

2143 S Bent Tree DR

Case Date:

At the end of the driveway at 2139 S. Bent Tree Drive, blacktop has been eroding away to a pothole. Water drainage from the street has been making it larger over time.