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Water Utility Billing Problems

320 W 8th ST

Case Date:

We have recently purchased the home at 835 Sheridan Dr. Bloomington. I would like to pay the water bill for this online as we are not fully moved there yet. I can't find my account number anywhere on any of the emails that you have sent me. Please let me know the account number so that I can pay this bill. thanks, Carl & Connie Johnson

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Parks & Playgrounds

3098 West Wapehani Road

Case Date:

The small karst feature (sinkhole) on the northeast side of Weimer Lake (in Wapehani Park) has greatly increased in size and depth over the last several months, and the lake is draining away! The water level has dropped by a few feet, and the lake surface has shrunk by half. The city already lost one reservoir this way in the 1940s (the one in Leonard Springs Park); would not it be a shame to lose another one? Is there a way to plug the hole (dumping a truckload of gravel and cement into it, perhaps?) before the entire lake flows aways? The picture shows the lake and the sinhole as of a week or so ago; since then, the water level dropped another foot or two, as the sinkhole's draining point is now much deeper than it was back then. And there seems to be more space for further drop...

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Water Quality

305 E 9th ST

Case Date:

Water quality change after city changed water system recently; both my roommate and I have been having problems with our skin. We are over by Lincoln and 10th street

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Drainage or Runoff

301 E 12th ST

Case Date:

Area on east side of Lincoln, N. of 12th Street and close to RR fence is a low area where water accumulates and serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This area should be regraded or filled to prevent the water from pooling.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

2959-3075 South Walnut Street Pike

Case Date:

Water appears to be flowing under the street. A hole has formed on the side of the road (Walnut Street Pike) about 6 inches diameter and don't know how deep. I stepped into it while mowing. I believe it is a matter of time before the road surface is impacted; not to mention a hazard to people.

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Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

2940-2998 Robins Bow

Case Date:

My neighbors at 2802 S Forrester, when they re-landscaped their property 10 or so years ago, arranged to have the flow of water from their downspouts released onto the sidewalk at the shared edge of our two lots, which causes a tremendous flow of water onto the sidewalk in front of my property. This deposits debris on my property and creates treacherous conditions in the fall when rain occurs when temperatures are near freezing. This has been an irritant to me since the re-landscaping was complete but only recently did I read section 12.04.020 of the municipal code which would seem to prohibit such a discharge of water. Could you send someone to investigate this situation? The water comes out of two green pipes where our two properties abut the sidewalk on Robins Bow. This week the problem is particularly clear because of all the rain.

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Water Utility Problems

2906 S Stratford DR

Case Date:

Fire Hydrant at the corner of S. Stratford Dr. and Kensington Place is dripping water from the front of hydrant.

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Parks & Playgrounds

2855 N Walnut ST

Case Date:

The water fountain by the bathrooms at lower Cascades is leaking from inside the water fountain. It's a pretty good flow.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

2806-2808 East Lilac Court

Case Date:

There are 3 DANGEROUSLY deep potholes on Lilac Court. One just as you turn into the street and 2 more about 3/4s of the way up the street, almost in the cul-de-sac. Normally I wouldn't even bother to report them but I guarantee these are some of the worst you've ever seen! Two of them have over a foot of water!

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

2730-2742 South Pine Meadows Drive

Case Date:

There southern loop of Pine Meadows Dr is riddled with potholes. Crews attempted to fix them one day during a heavy rain and the water was so deep, whatever mix went into the potholes didn't stay. They need patched all the way up and down that southern loop of Pine Meadows Dr.