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Parks & Playgrounds

351 S Washington ST

Case Date:

The water fountain at third street park is not draining. Also, some of the railings around the decorative fountain are loose at their bases.

closed #152767

Water Utility Billing Problems

Case Date:

tried to pay water bill online every month but says my info not write your online payment sucks

closed #153081

Water Utility Billing Problems

Case Date:

Hello--I moved from 933 N Jackson St, Bloomington IN last August to my current address at 911 W 6th St, Bloomington IN. I have not received a final bill for my old address, so looked online and it indicated my balance is $0. I need to transfer the water to my name at my current apt and wanted to make sure I do not have an outstanding bill that is not reflected online. Please let me know if you can. --Lori Canada 812-679-6266, SS# 307-04-6684

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Parks & Playgrounds

2855 N Walnut ST

Case Date:

The water fountain by the bathrooms at lower Cascades is leaking from inside the water fountain. It's a pretty good flow.

closed #153577

Utilities Yardwork

510 S Woodlawn AVE

Case Date:

Drunken college students (I bet you wish you had a dollar for every time one of these started that way) pulled a pipe out of the ground from down the block and threw it in my yard during little 5. I know where they pulled it from since I used to pass it on my way to work. It is vertical and has orange spray paint on it and I'm assuming it was used to mark water lines or other utility info under ground.

closed #153595

Parks & Playgrounds

3098 West Wapehani Road

Case Date:

The small karst feature (sinkhole) on the northeast side of Weimer Lake (in Wapehani Park) has greatly increased in size and depth over the last several months, and the lake is draining away! The water level has dropped by a few feet, and the lake surface has shrunk by half. The city already lost one reservoir this way in the 1940s (the one in Leonard Springs Park); would not it be a shame to lose another one? Is there a way to plug the hole (dumping a truckload of gravel and cement into it, perhaps?) before the entire lake flows aways? The picture shows the lake and the sinhole as of a week or so ago; since then, the water level dropped another foot or two, as the sinkhole's draining point is now much deeper than it was back then. And there seems to be more space for further drop...

closed #153714

Drainage or Runoff

301 E 12th ST

Case Date:

Area on east side of Lincoln, N. of 12th Street and close to RR fence is a low area where water accumulates and serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This area should be regraded or filled to prevent the water from pooling.

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Case Date:

Clear creek trail from church lane to tap road needs over hanging limbs and side growth trimmed back. Also the trail itself needs attention as several places have debrie from storms. I reported this about a week ago but nothing happen. A gentleman riding his bicycle was dodging an overhead branch just north of the water fountain and hit a small branch lying on the trail which caused him to wreck. He was not injured. Thank you

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Sidewalk Requests

200 East 2nd Street

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two sections of the sidewalk are sloped together so that water pools immediately after a rain. It is a heavily walked sidewalk and the puddle is definitely an inconvenience. I'm considering work on my driveway; can I/should I have the contractor improve the situation? Do I need city approval?

closed #154792

Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

1631 s olive street bloomington in 47401 This is a formal request for the drainage system to be examined and or for a drain to be established on olive street given the standing flood water over 5 inches high.