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closed #180450

City Performance

110 W 6th St, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

Case Date:

100 W 6th St, the double yellow lines have been faded causing some drivers thinking it’s a one way street or not being in the correct lane causing some traffic issues. Please address before IU students come back.

closed #180442


401 N Morton ST

Case Date:

There is a very active illegal homeless encampment located immediately south of the Indiana Rail Road overpass and immediately west of College Avenue and east of the Morton Street dead-end; in Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/@39.1747596,-86.5358286,3a,75y,39.76h,83.3t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sqPoXwFjh7ATdt8Gpx650kQ!2e0!6shttps:%2F%2Fstreetviewpixels-pa.googleapis.com%2Fv1%2Fthumbnail%3Fpanoid%3DqPoXwFjh7ATdt8Gpx650kQ%26cb_client%3Dsearch.revgeo_and_fetch.gps%26w%3D96%26h%3D64%26yaw%3D51.93823%26pitch%3D0%26thumbfov%3D100!7i16384!8i8192. This is a heavily overgrown area. The encampment includes a large tarp roof area and at least one hammock. I observed yesterday at least ten (10) people clearly living in this area.

closed #180438

Debris Removal

421 E Kirkwood AVE

Case Date:

Lots of glass on the street in front of Nick's

open #180428

Excessive Growth

711 N Grandview DR

Case Date:

yard has not been mowed in over a month

closed #180422

Street Trees

821 W 9th ST

Case Date:

N Williams St......Trees and bushes overgrown into road, it's becoming impassable. If you drive down it the trees scrape your paint.

closed #180421

Scooters, Bike-share and Related Issues

1004 1/2 W 6th ST

Case Date:

2 electric bikes. First completely blocked sidewalk. Now have fallen over and are partially in the street.

closed #180420


402 N Rogers ST

Case Date:

On Saturday, June 25, 2022, around 6:38pm I was heading from the Showers parking lot to the B-Line Trail heading towards Rogers St. As I am heading down the trail I noticed a guy (tall about 5'10"-6'2", muscular, tan skin, dark shirt, bald head) standing next to a bike up ahead and he kind of moved just enough for me to see he had like a really firm stance. He was talking on a phone in a foreign language. and watching me closely. I stopped. Looked behind me to see if anyone else was walking nearby. A few ladies on bikes zoomed past but other than that it's just me and the dude standing there. He whistled twice pretty loud and just stood there facing me. Not wanting to turn around and walk back because I'm unsure of where to go or what to do, I didn't want to just walk past him, I'm scared. Like I can just feel it is a bad situation. I used a smart watch to call a friend and told her my location and asked her to stay on the phone. That way she knows where I'm at and is listening as I continue walking down the trail towards Rogers St.. As I pass the guy he is like standing arms folded and intensly watching my every move and still talking on the phone in the foreign language. As I continued walking I looked back a few times. It felt like he was following me but far enough back to look like he was still stopped. I could feel he was following me though. So I get up to Rogers St and cross the road and immediately notice a guy on the trail just a bit further down. He too is standing next to a bike and talking on the phone in a foreign language. He had on a striped tank top which was white with small horizontal stripes. He waved towards my direction/the trail across Rogers St.. I glance back and see the first guy nod his head. The second guy is now slowly walking towards me. I at this point am turning and walking the sidewalk going up Rogers St.. Once I started walking up the sidewalk neither of the individuals followed. The second guy did stand by the B-Line trail and the sidewalk a few minutes watching me. This event truly shook me up and has caused me to have a panyattack upon getting inside my apartment at B-Line heights. I did not contact the police because of previous incidents being casually "humored" but nothing be done because there was no true harm or attack that took place. I figured that this would be treated with the same disregard and I didn't want to waste their time. However there needs to be more surveillance on this part of the trail I believe. With the greenery being abundant and the buildings through that section of the B-Line Trail it feels fairly seculded and isolated. I feel if it was move visible it might have discouraged the above event from happening.

closed #180419

City Performance

205 E 14th ST

Case Date:

I had previously submitted ureport 180261 complaining about the state of E 14th St. It was closed out with a vague message that it'd be resurfaced "later this month". I realize it is still June and it may still get repaired, but the road has just continued to get worse and worse. The dust is ridiculous. I'm not sure if anyone at the city understands that days matter. Even if it is resurfaced next week, it is still several weeks past due. Has anyone at the city even driven down it??! I also happened to read that the same developer that turned 14th St into a gravel road is now the same developer who has messed up the intersection of 17th and Walnut. I can hardly believe that anyone would allow them to do more work on city roads when they clearly don't care at all about repairing other work they've done.

closed #180412

Sidewalk Requests

2533 E Eastgate LN

Case Date:

I'd like to submit a request to have the bike path and sidewalk cleared of overhanging vegetation. This is particularly dangerous at the curve of Eastgate and 46 as walkers have to walk on the street where cars quickly turn onto Eastgate. See red line indicating area where vegetation encroaches upon the boundaries of the bike path and sidewalk.

closed #180397

Line of Sight

501 W 13th ST

Case Date:

Once again, just like last year the city allows the sidewalks on Maple Heights Bridge to become wildly overgrown, obstructing the way and line of sight for pedestrians and bicyclists. I'll bet not a single location on the east or south side is ever this bad you classist pricks