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closed #186372

Potholes, Other Street Repair

4325 E Weymouth LN

Case Date:

Weymouth Lane is in poor condition with potholes and cracks. When does the city plan to repave Weymouth? Thank you.

open #186363

Debris Removal

1719 W Gray ST

Case Date:

The following neighbors of mine have trash littered all over the property, it's x100 times worse than Joe Davis's property, and I'd really like to have someone come please help me and my kids with this. They bring methhead friends to sleep in the tent behind the house, their sewer drains into yard, the summers are pure hell for my kids because they get bitten up so bad they cannot play outside and I can barely do mowing because all the tires and junk on the property where mosquitoes live. There are dozens of ferral cats running all over the place jumping into my trash containers that live on their property. The front and back yard have broken down vehicles leaking god knows what into the ground. he takes engines apart in the front yard, that spills off into mine. Why is Joe Davis' property headline news and these peoples aren't? I'm very confounded by this. I know you guys are busy but please help in getting them to clean this up.

open #186354


206 E 16th ST

Case Date:

Our recycling has not been picked up after meeting all requirements and have caught the collector opening the recycling looking at it then taking a peice out to make it look like we were overflowing then turns the can sideways so they do not pick it up. We have camera evidence as well.

open #186334

Unsafe Buildings

319 E 12th ST

Case Date:

See case #186242. Not as much sewage right now due to tenants being on break this week, but the problem has not been corrected. Once it gets cold and the tenants return, the constant flow of sewage on the sidewalk will create an ice hazard in addition to the already present infection/contamination hazard. Please force property owner to correct the problem ASAP, and at least before winter. If the Planning is allowing him to build more (unneeded) rentals in the neighborhood (e.g., E. Cottage Grove), he should be required to perform at least some upkeep of the ones he is already responsible for.

closed #186327


1315 W 7th ST

Case Date:

closed #186325


816 N Grant ST

Case Date:

Trash piled up against front of house, and large construction toxic waste container has been sitting in front yard for weeks.

closed #186324


313 N Grant St, Bloomington, IN 47408, USA

Case Date:

Trash piled up alongside street. Has been there for weeks. Maybe the tenants are supposed to put the trash somewhere else for it to get picked up (?) Please somebody take care of this - very unsightly for Grant Street Inn visitors.

closed #186316

Street & Traffic Signs

710 N Lincoln ST

Case Date:

Tenants dug up street sign post on SW corner of lot by street/alley and are now using it (along with another they swiped from somewhere) in the north yard as a support for party lights.

closed #186313

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

643 N Monroe ST

Case Date:

Two Great Danes, one gray (male), one white and tan (female) constantly loose. The owner is aware and has not solved the issue. They have been loose at least four times in the last month and tried to attack a pedestrian and their dog this evening.

closed #186306

Parking Meters and Citations

220 W 14th ST

Case Date:

Car parked on yellow curb at w14th st and Woodburn Ave.