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Dear Neighbor,

Welcome to Bloomington! Your town has a lot to tell you. Bloomington's residential areas are colorful, vibrant neighborhoods, and if you live in one, there's a good chance it's got an organization behind it: There are more than 50 active neighborhood associations in the city, working to improve the quality of life for the residents within them.

The information here is provided to help you understand the programs, services, codes and ordinances for Bloomington residents. They are guidelines for living together: They reflect the spirit of the neighborhoods, and the desire for all residents to live happily in their homes.

Information Magnets

Welcome Magnet HAND will furnish 3 1/2" by 4 1/2" "Welcome to Bloomington" magnets (pictured to the right) that can be adapted to hang on the door handle. The "Welcome to Bloomington" magnet features a website of information on City programs and services.

An accompanying "Welcome to Bloomington" (PDF 581.62 KB) brochure can be downloaded or ordered through the HAND Deparmtent.

To order magnets for your neighborhood, contact Vickie Provine in the HAND Department at 812-349-3505, or email

Residential Services

HAND house logo small Information from the Sanitation Department

Trash and recycling collection and violations

Yard & Sidewalk Maintenance

Information for home owners/buyers, landlords or renters

Animal Care & Control

Neighborhood Parking

Downtown Parking (PDF 345.72 KB)

Water and Sewage Utilities Customer Information and CBU Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 147.58 KB)

HAND logo

Rental Housing and Occupancy

All rental properties in the city are subject to the Rental Occupancy Program, which requires a rental property to be inspected every 3-5 years, and to be registered with the City of Bloomington. Each rental property must have a current occupancy permit, issued by the City's Housing & Neighborhood Development Department (HAND). Every rental property has a file in the HAND department. We invite you to come in and look at the file BEFORE you sign a lease!

Here (PDF 19.51 KB)are some of the things that an inspector looks at during a rental inspection.

Rental properties are limited in the number of unrelated adults who may occupy them. In most residential areas, the occupancy limit is three.

If you have a problem with your rental property,notify the property owner. If it is not resolved, call the HAND department at (812)349-3420.

Social Services

The Community and Family Resources Department (CFRD) serves as a resource to individuals, families and organizations in the Bloomington community, coordinating services, programs and activities that promote an enhanced quality of life and help to build a strong, vital community.

City Contacts

Visit the "Contact Us" section of the website for main City phone numbers, a list of City departments, a staff directory and to find City Hall.

Reporting an Issue

Use Bloomington's uReport to notify the City of community issues, such as potholes, graffiti, malfunctioning street lights, and more.

Download our iPhone app or Android app to report on the go!

Crime Reporting

Residents can report incidents online within Bloomington city limits when there are no known suspects, witnesses, suspect's vehicles or evidence that could lead to identification of a suspect and the incident is non-violent.

Noise Complaints

The Lower the Boooom! Educational Campaign was created to provide community members with information concerning the health and safety risks involved with the utilization of boom speakers. Disturbances caused by boom speakers are monitored through the City of Bloomington Safe and Civil City Hotline at 812-355-7777.

Quiet Nights is a program that provides funding to the Police Department to enforce the City of Bloomington noise ordinance. The ordinance sets specific standards for daytime and nighttime noise. To file a complaint, call 812-339-4477.

For more information about noise ordinance violations, penalties and appeals, visit the website.

Road & Sidewalk Closings/Construction

The City offers residents the ability to see current and future road closings, lane reductions and sidewalk repairs around the City through a web application called inRoads. inRoads provides several types of views for users to see road closings on a map, a list or a calendar. In addition to viewing road information through the inRoads web application, the public may download inRoads system data in iCal, XML or JSON formats through the application or receive e-mail alerts about upcoming or current roadwork.

To access the application or for more information about inRoads, visit

Helpful information from the Bloomington Police Department

Keep yourself safe (PDF 363.77 KB)

Keep your cell phone safe (PDF 242.46 KB)

Crime Prevention (PDF 214.19 KB)


Visit Bloomington Transit for a list of bus routes, the bus route map, to plan a bus trip, and to track a bus arrival.

Download the Bloomington Bicycle Map or view other Biking resources


The City of Bloomington has a strong commitment to volunteering in several sectors of the community - from environmental sustainability to food security to animal welfare, and more. Bloomington offers many ways you can get involved and stay connected to your community. The Volunteer Network is a great resource to find the opportunity that best fits you.