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The Council convenes a number of standing and ad-hoc Council Committees to consider legislation, to make recommendations to the full Council, or to provide a mechanism for the Council to address issues of public concern.

In 2020, with the passage of Resolution 20-01, the Council created several new standing committees of the Council, listed below.

In addition to the standing committees created in early 2020, the Council uses additional standing committees, such as the Sidewalk Committee and the Jack Hopkins Social Services Funding Committee, to make certain funding recommendations. The Sidewalk Committee typically meets each fall to decide how to allocate funds from the City's Alternative Transportation Fund, while the Jack Hopkins Social Services Funding Committee provides funding to local social services agencies who serve residents in need. Council members also serve on the Public Safety Local Income Tax Committee of the Monroe County Local Income Tax Council, as well as assigned committees convened to make citizen appointments to the City's boards and commissions.

Standing Committees -- Active


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Previous Ad-Hoc Committees -- Inactive