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Page last updated on January 22, 2024 at 12:23 pm

The Council convenes a number of standing, special, and ad-hoc Council Committees to consider legislation, to make recommendations to the full Council, or to provide a mechanism for the Council to address issues of public concern.

Council members also serve on the Public Safety Local Income Tax Committee of the Monroe County Local Income Tax Council along with committees convened to make citizen appointments to the City's Boards and Commissions.



Standing Committees -- Active



Special Committees -- Active



Other Committees -- Active



Board and Commission Interview Committees


The Council utilizes three, three-member standing committees to review and make recommendations to the full Council regarding the appointment of citizens to the City’s boards and commissions as follows:


  • Committee A (Cm. Rosenbarger, Cm. Asare, & Cm. Stosberg)
    • Animal Control Commission
    • Board of Zoning Appeals
    • Commission on Aging
    • Human Rights Commission
    • Commission on the Status of Black Males
    • Housing Quality Appeals Board
    • Public Transportation Corporation Board of Directors
    • Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association


  • Committee B (Cm. Piedmont-Smith, Cm. Ruff, & Cm. Rana)
    • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Commission
    • Bloomington Digital Underground Advisory Committee
    • Commission on the Status of Women
    • Community Advisory on Public Safety Commission
    • Environmental Commission
    • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration Commission
    • Telecommunications Council
    • Traffic Commission
    • Utilities Services Board


  • Committee C (Cm. Flaherty, Cm. Rollo, & Cm. Zulich)
    • Bloomington Community Arts Commission
    • Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs
    • Historic Preservation Commission
    • Parking Commission
    • Bloomington Commission on Sustainability
    • Commission on the Status of Children and Youth
    • Tree Commission
    • Redevelopment Commission


Previous Ad-Hoc and Council Committees -- Inactive