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Website & Web Services Feedback

N Spring St

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I'm unable to find where I can submit payment online for my water bill. I've gone to the "Pay Utility Bill" page, but there isn't a link for Aqua Pay.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

East 11th Street

Case Date:

Good morning Is this road ever going to be repaired? Someone made a big deal about this a while back, and we were told it is the city's responsibility and would be repaired after graduation. It is almost July and the situation keeps getting worse. As seen in the attached picture, the water is always there. It is constantly leaking from the sewer. The road in question is East 11th and Fee Ln.

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Bloomington Rail Trail

Case Date:

The water fountain at the trail head near the B-line is continuously running

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Water Utility Problems

985 E Buckingham DR

Case Date:

We had the water meter turned off due to a line break. Our plumber tells us the meter itself is shatter and will need to be replaced.

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Parks & Playgrounds

922-988 South Woodlawn Avenue

Case Date:

Hello, I wanted to inform the city about a standing and stagnant water issue in the northeast corner of Bryan Park - next to the tennis courts on the path there is a water fountain and in ground water meter that always has standing water and mosquitoes breeding in it. I've uploaded a picture and this was after 5 or 6 days of no rain. Addressing the issue will help reduce mosquitoes and the chance of illness in the area. Thank you.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

911 S High ST

Case Date:

Can you please look at the drainage on High Street in this area? The street is always covered in water with medium to heavy rains. It doesn't appear that there are enough drains on this area of the street. This has been a problem for years.

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Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

909 West Gourley Pike

Case Date:

Friday and Monday I came home to a house full of nasty sewer gasses. My toilet and bathtub trap had been sucked dry of water. I've spoken to my neighbors and it's happening all up the street. My address is 903 W. GOurley Pike. (Your location map is confused.) I have a sickly cat at home and I am seriously concerned that if this continues he may die.

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Drainage or Runoff

901-923 South Woodlawn Avenue

Case Date:

On the southeast corner of the intersection at Woodlawn and Maxwell, runoff from the yard on that corner is causing significant ice accumulation on the road. It's impossible to pull up properly to the stop sign going north without veering into the middle of Woodlawn. I have lived on Maxwell for more than 20 years and don't recall seeing this problem before. There is a fire hydrant on the corner of the property, so perhaps this is the source of the water?

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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

900-998 North Woodburn Avenue

Case Date:

For the past 2 days one of my neighbors dogs has been outside barking/howling has no shelter form of shelter, no access to food and water, neighbors haven't been there or haven't been there long enough to take care of him. His dog cable has been caught up in twigs and such so its all tangled up. Its not the first time this has happen back during the summer they did this to him. I think someone should seriously check into this. He was in the pouring down rain today, and its now getting cold because of temp. dropping. Please have someone check on him! the address is 918 N Woodburn Ave. he is chained to the back porch. Thanks!

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Sidewalk Requests

821 N Blair AVE

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We have a sidewalk already, but I have a question about modifying it. We are considering having some drainage work done on our property and would like a drain/grate through the sidewalk to help with water draining. We've seen some in the sidewalks along Blair Ave. and were curious about how to have one installed. If this is not under your area, would you please pass along this email to the appropriate person or committee. Thank you for your time!