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Bloomington Community Farmers' Market

Saturdays, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. at 401 N. Morton St. next to Bloomington's City Hall
Shop online for Saturday pick up from participating Market vendors, or shop on site.

Tuesday Market

Tuesdays, 4-7 p.m. at 1601 S. Rogers St. at the Pavilion in Switchyard Park
4-4:30 p.m. shopping times are reserved for shoppers who are at higher risk for contracting or fighting off illness.

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The support of our local food systems is crucial, especially now. Farmers and the food and beverage artisans are key providers of essential services during this unprecedented time. The City of Bloomington is committed to local food security, to continuing to support access to nutrition for our most vulnerable populations, to strengthening our local food economy, and to providing safe, effective ways of making food available to the local community.

The City of Bloomington considers diversity a source of strength that adds to Bloomington's character. As such all participating vendors have committed to assisting the City in creating a welcoming environment and representing themselves in a professional manner, whether it be through the online Market or in person.

Online ordering from Farmers' Market vendors began in April, due to COVID-19 safety restrictions that did not allow for the traditional opening of the Market. The Farmers' Market moved from a drive-through to a walk-through, in-person pick up of pre-ordered products in May. COVID-19 prevention protocols remain in place as the Market begins to allow vendors to sell food and farm products on site.

As the Farmers' Market continues to support local farmers and growers, and small businesses, safety remains a priority. Masks are required while inside the Market, both for vendors and shoppers. Vendors are also required to wear gloves. Foot traffic through the Farmers' Market is one-way only, with the direction of travel clearly marked with white arrows on the asphalt.

There are two entrances to the Market area where the vendors are set up, and both entrances as well as the single Market exit are located on Showers Plaza in front of the main entrance of City Hall. One entrance is for people who place orders online, and the second entrance is for walk-up customers. Those who place online orders have priority entrance into the Market. A maximum 150 people are permitted in the Market at any given time.

Vendors must display their products for sale on site out of reach of Market customers. Purchased items are transferred from sellers to buyers who are physically distanced across a sanitized table top. Individual Market vendors will accept payment methods that work best for their businesses; some will utilize touch-free methods such as credit cards,Google Pay and Apple Pay, while others may accept cash with safety measures in place to limit contact. Shoppers who plan to purchase products on site should have exact change in the form of small bills, and a variety of ways to pay for Market items.

Saturday's Farmers' Market is set up differently than in seasons past, with vendors arranged in alphabetical order. Although the Farmers' Market is known for its social aspect for opportunities to meet and mingle, shoppers are asked to move quickly through the Market and not linger to chat or browse, to allow ample opportunity for physical distancing and to ensure manageable wait times for shoppers waiting to enter the Market.

Free, two-hour parking is available on Saturdays at metered spaces on the streets surrounding the Farmers' Market. Free parking is also available in Showers Red Permit spaces, and in the "IU-EMS" lot across Morton Street from City Hall.

We sincerely thank you for your support of local vendors and small businesses! 


Tuesday Market 

The Tuesday Market is held every Tuesday, June 16 through September 29 from 4 until 7 p.m. on the plaza north of the Pavilion at Switchyard Park, 1601 S. Rogers St. Shopping time between 4-4:30 p.m. are reserved for people who are at greater risk for contracting or fighting off an illness.