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Page last updated on April 27, 2023 at 5:02 pm

Water Conservation Plan

City of Bloomington Utilities Water Conservation Plan (PDF 562.24 KB)

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All Services Provided by the Utilities Department

City of Bloomington Utilities Metered Services:

Water Services - Drinking water charges are based on the size of your meter and amount of water you use. Water use is billed by number of units (thousands of gallons) at the primary classification of the location.

Domestic -generally the use from these meters flow to the sanitary sewer or a septic tank. The readings are used to bill the dependent wastewater service charges. The minimum water meter size is 3/4".

Irrigation - a separate yoke is approved for customers that have requested irrigation (exterior lawn watering system) service.

Temporary Hydrant - contractors may have a need for a mobile meter while working on new construction that the service lines for the future building needs will not support. These meters are issued by a separate contract and readings for these meters are called in to CBU monthly for billing.

Wastewater Discharge - water meters may be installed as approved by Engineering when the customer believes there is significant water loss not being discharged to the sewer.

Public Fire Protection - is provided to nearly every service location and is billed based upon the meter size(s). Charges for this service are used for maintenance and upkeep of fire hydrants.

Private Fireline - some properties are required by ordinance to have a fire supression system. The size of these service lines is the basis for these monthly charges.

Private Fire Hydrant Testing - customers that have private fire hydrants are required to have them tested every three years. They are invited to have them tested by a contractor of the City of Bloomington Utilities. If they contract for this testing they are billed for each test at the rate established at the time of contracting.

Wastewater - wastewater (sanitary sewer) charges for all wastewater service locations include a wastewater treatment charge per water unit and a monthly service charge.

Wastewater Only - This charge is a fixed monthly charge for residential customers of a wholesale water jurisdiction that are served by one of our wastewater plants.

Storm and surface water (drainage) service charges are based on the area of your property and the percentage of impervious surface (roofs, driveways, decks, etc.). These charges apply only to customers inside Bloomington city limits.


Additional Metered use charges:

High Strength and Suspended Solids Surcharges - these charges may be applicable to some customers based on periodic laboratory test results.