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Excessive Growth

1002 W 6th ST

Case Date:

Overgrown bamboo at 1002 W 6 St and Elm bending into sidewalks and street obstructing traffic. Bird droppings covering the sidewalk. The invasive plant has encroached on neighboring property where we live at 1004, so we are having to engage removal services and eventually install impermeable barriers at our expense. The back yard of 1002 is overgrown also, feral cats, possum and a skunk have been sited or smelled in a fallen shed which has not been cleared out. The Elm Street side of 1002 is full of debris and overgrowth and there is an unattended stagnant water feature where we hear frogs in the summer (which do attract copperhead snakes). Someone does seem to be inhabiting the house, though we know that the owner of the house does not reside in Indiana presently.

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Water Utility Problems

1002 W Cascade AVE

Case Date:

I believe there is a water leak somewhere near me. My water usage has apparently tripled since last month, while i have been conserving water due to not having enough income to pay the usual bill.

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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

1002-1010 South Hawthorne Drive

Case Date:

We have city built ditches/basin along the streets for rainwater drainage in the area. I recently noticed there is a big hole in the middle of the ditch, lots of the water goes into that hole when it rains, looks like it keeps getting worse. Can you send someone to take a look, and get the hole patched please? It's near the small bridge cross the ditch right by our front lawn, the address is 1002 S Hawthorne Dr. You can reach me either by email or phone. Thank you.

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Water Utility Problems

1003 N Madison ST

Case Date:

Our water isnt working at full pressure. All of our pipes are inside and warm.

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Water Utility Billing Problems

1003 W 1st ST

Case Date:

Mr. Waters has called and visited numerous times. He feels he should be credited $50 because he was on vacation and did not use that amount of water. His meter was tested and no problems were found. Mr. Waters told that he could not be credited that amount. He wants to appeal to Mike Phillips when he returns.

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Water Quality

1003 W Cottage Grove AVE

Case Date:

Low water pressure

closed #184392

Water Quality

1004 S Gentry CT

Case Date:

Water pressure has been low. I am not sure whether this is an issue for my house or my neighbors are suffering as well

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Water Utility Problems

1004 W Country Club DR

Case Date:

Emergency water shutoff.

closed #41890

Water Utility Problems

1005 E Chris LN

Case Date:

Water shut off.

closed #120511

Water Quality

1005 N Oolitic DR

Case Date:

no water