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closed #167193

Street Snow Removal

1013 E Chris LN

Case Date:

Housing pipes burst and water has frozen over onto the street.

closed #166475

Water Utility Problems

1014 N Orris DR

Case Date:

Unexpected water outage at 1014 N. Orris Dr.

closed #168303

Parks & Playgrounds

1015-1069 E 10th St, Bloomington, Indiana, 47405

Case Date:

The culvert just next to 2680 S Wexley Road (latitude 39.1399, longitude -86.5131) needs cleaning. During rain several weeks ago, the water almost came to our door. It seems that this culver is neglected all the time; when they revised the culverts several years ago, this one was omitted. Often we do not see any flow, just standing water around it.

closed #168275

Unsafe Buildings

1016 W 5th St, Bloomington, Indiana, 47404

Case Date:

1016 w Kirkwood is unsafe. It is for sale and has been abandoned for over a year. It has no locking door on the back but rather a broken single pane storm door held by a concrete brick. Inside there the house is dangerous to enter. There is standing water in the basement that has been there for over a year. It is growing mold and mosquitoes. The walls are down to the studs. There are holes in the floors and ceilings. We have have had to call the police due to intoxicated individuals entering at night. I am afraid someone will get hurt or die by falling into one of the holes or the standing water directly across from the back door.

closed #170890

City Performance

1019 W 14th ST

Case Date:

Is there any chance that the City would beautify (i.e. remove the rusty fence, cut the weeds, and mow nicely) the property on Monroe St near Tri-North where the water tank used to be?

closed #171207


1023 S Walnut ST

Case Date:

Missing water meter cover at entrance to drive: 1023 and 1025 S Walnut Street

closed #168398

Drainage or Runoff

1030 W 6th ST

Case Date:

The alley behind 1030 and 1036 W 6th st is in need of additional gravel, water pools in the area during and after rainy days.

closed #166458

Water Utility Problems

1033 N Orris DR

Case Date:

Water turned off

closed #167563

Drainage or Runoff

106 S Glenwood AVE W

Case Date:

From the houses north on Glenwood from the easement I get everyone’s water and it comes in my backyard across my sidewalk and most of the time up over the driveway.

closed #167646

Drainage or Runoff

106 S Glenwood AVE W

Case Date:

I am following up on case number 167563 which was assigned to a Mr. Peden. He said they came by and assessed the problem but they looked at the ditch in the front and the problem is not the front it is the backyard and the water comes from the north property onto my property in the backyard and is so high that sometimes it almost floods my house.