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Page last updated on September 18, 2023 at 7:21 pm


How did the City of Bloomington keep a Farmers' Market alive during a pandemic?


What happened when the City of Bloomington gave $15K to our youth in grades 8-12 to benefit youth in the City?


How do you use a piece of a tire to make it easier to repair a water main break?



Explore these and other stories of innovation successes  at the links below!


City Operations Innovations

City of Bloomington: Regional Partnership to Create City-wide Fiber-to-the-Home Network


Bloomington Transit: Late Nite On-Demand


Community and Family Resources: Youth Participatory Budget

Community and Family Resources: Mobility Aids Lending Library (MALL)

Community and Family Resources: Virtual Be More Awards

Community and Family Resources: Black History Month App


Controller's Office: National Government Purchasing Cooperative


Economic and Sustainable Development: Go Bloomington

Economic and Sustainable Development: Compost Up, Downtown!

Economic and Sustainable Development: CDFI-Friendly Bloomington

Economic and Sustainable Development: Downtown Innovation Showcase

Economic and Sustainable Development: Office of Innovation: Pathway to Starting a Business

Economic and Sustainable Development: Pop-up Art Exhibitions Featuring Emerging BIPOC Artists


Fire Department, IT Services: Device Magic Automated Document Workflows

Fire Department: Exhaust Removal System

Fire Department: Fire Chiefs Technology Council

Fire Department: Gear Drying Rack

Fire Department: In-Mask Thermal Imaging Units

Fire Department: Locution Station Alerting System

Fire Department: Quick Response Vehicle Storage

Fire Department, IU, Netage: Real-time Service Information

Fire Department: Rumbler Siren

Fire Department: Smoke Signals Fire Prevention


Housing & Neighborhood Development: Inspections with iPads

Housing & Neighborhood Development: Partnership with Indianapolis Zoo on Invasive Species

Housing & Neighborhood Development: Shared Appreciation

Housing & Neighborhood Development: Using Human-centered Design to Address IU Student Dorm-to-Neighborhood Transition


Information and Technology Services: Benchroom 5S 

Information and Technology Services: Animal Shelter Twitter Bot

Information and Technology Services: CiviForm Partnership with

Information and Technology Services: Data Management for Bloomington Animal Shelter

Information and Technology Services: GIS for Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Information and Technology Services: inRoads

Information and Technology Services: myBloomington

Information and Technology Services, Public Works: Interactive Leafing Map

Information and Technology Services: uReport Interface Re-design


Legal: NextRequest for FOIA Requests


Office of the Mayor: Sibling City Pilot with Palo Alto

Office of the Mayor: Staying Connected as a Team

Office of the Mayor, Office of Innovation, Public Works, Bloomington Residents: Innovating Leaf Management


Parks and Recreation: Augmenting Your Parks and Trails Reality with the OuterSpatial App

Parks and Recreation: Interpretive Signage in Parks 


Public Works: 24/7 Parking Garage Customer Service

Public Works: Animal Shelter Food Prep Area 5S

Public Works, Controller's Office: Blanket Service Contracts

Public Works, Office of the Mayor, Office of Innovation: Transmap for Pavement, Sidewalk, Curbs/Ramps and Traffic Sign Indexing

Public Works, Parks, Utilities: Coordinating Maintenance Efforts through Brighten B-town 

Public Works: Re-collect

Public Works: Routeware

Public Works: Using Routeware to Detect Potholes


Utilities: Advanced Metering Initiative “Smart” Water Meters

Utilities: Functional Water Cart

Utilities: Residential Stormwater Grants Program

Utilities: Sampler Noodle

Utilities: Using Visual Data Analysis to Understand Water Main Breaks

Utilities: Watercooler Conversations Series

Utilities: Water Main Break Splash Solution

Utilities: Water Pump Technology


Pandemic-related Innovations

COB Supports Resident-Driven Efforts: Bloomington Mask Drive


Economic & Sustainable Development: Expanded Outdoor Seating

Economic & Sustainable Development: Parklets

Economic & Sustainable Development: Pick Up/Drop Off Zones


Housing and Neighborhood Development: Virtual Rental Inspections


Office of the Mayor, Office of Innovation: Employee Pulse Surveys during Coronavirus Pandemic

Office of the Mayor, Office of Innovation: Interdepartmental Jobs Board

Office of the Mayor: City Hall Reopening

Office of the Mayor: COVID-19 Task Force for Economic Stabilization and Recovery

Office of the Mayor: COVID-19 Task Force for Social Services

Office of the Mayor: Recover Forward Bloomington

Office of the Mayor: Video Messages to Employees

Office of the Mayor: Weekly Coronavirus Press Conferences


Parks and Recreation, Office of Innovation: Farmers Market in the Time of COVID


Public Works: Bollard Housing Lifting Tool

Public Works: Bollard Housing Rack

Public Works: Bollard Sleeve Filler Tool

Public Works: Contactless Parking


Utilities: Early Detection of COVID-19 Using Wastewater Testing

Utilities: Pivoting to Emergency Sanitizer Generation