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Economic and Sustainable Development Department 

The mission of the City of Bloomington's Department of Economic & Sustainable Development is to foster a livable and economically resilient community through partnerships, collaboration and outreach. Through strategic initiatives that expand economic opportunities, the Department aims to preserve the health of our environment, provide for social equity to the citizenry, and advance the principles of sustainable development.


Alex Crowley, Director of Economic & Sustainable Development, will discuss the programs and activities of the department.


Alex Crowley
Alex Crowley, Director of Economic and Sustainable Development
















2021 ESD Residents Academy presentation slides

Sustainability Action Plan

Sustainability Action Plan Progress Report

Economic and Sustainable Development website

Economic & Sustainable Development Facebook

Master Plan and Redevelopment Strategy for the Certified Technology Park

Stats America


Planning and Transportation Department

As Bloomington continues to evolve and change as a community, the City of Bloomington Planning and Transportation Department has a very important mission: To ensure that the elements that make Bloomington special are maintained and enhanced as new development and redevelopment occurs. In order to ensure that our community retains its unique qualities, it is important to proactively plan for the impacts of this future development. 


Scott Robinson, Director of Planning and Transportation, will discuss the many responsibilities of the department, by focusing on the redevelopment of the Bloomington Hospital site.


Scott Robinson
Scott Robinson, Director of Planning and Transportation



















Hospital Master Plan and additional resources

The Plan Commission Case Map

The Rogers Multiuse Path

The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)

What is a Core Neighborhood?

Planning and Transportation website

Planning and Transportation Facebook



Engineering Department

The Engineering Department contains the Capital Project Services Division and the Right-of-Way Management Services Division. These divisions are responsible for overseeing activities in the City’s approximately 1,800 acres of public right of way and for carrying out the City’s vision to achieve a safe, efficient, equitable, and sustainable transportation system that works for people of all ages and abilities using all modes of transportation. Staff members work to improve the City's multimodal transportation network, manage construction within and use of the public right of way, and provide technical assistance to numerous internal and external groups.


Andrew Cibor, Director of Engineering, will discuss the programs and activities of the department, focusing on the redevelopment of the Bloomington Hospital site.


Andrew Cibor
Andrew Cibor, Director of Engineering













2021 P&T/Engineering Residents Academy presentation slides

Engineering Department website

Current Infrastructure Projects

Hospital Site Phase One project page