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Page last updated on September 23, 2019 at 8:41 am

Welcome everyone, and thank you for coming out today to inaugurate our new bulk water station.  It’s been some time in the planning, so very exciting to open this new facility. 

I want to acknowledge my appreciation for the leadership at CBU--Director Vic Kelson and his hardworking staff--for maintaining and protecting our community’s safe and reliable water supply.  

CBU staff is dedicated to ensuring that our drinking water is of the highest quality, conserving this precious natural resource, and implementing solutions that help meet all customers’ water needs a little more easily and efficiently.

This facility is a perfect example:  it will serve residential and business customers who have high volume water needs, in a safer way that is more convenient both for the customer and for the utility.

This system is more reliable than the hydrant meter rental system it replaces in protecting against cross-connection and backflow that can be a threat to public health.  

Upgrades and innovations like this are the standard operating procedure for CBU.  The smart meters currently being installed at residences and businesses across the city are one example--they’ll help gauge water use with more precision, and empower the customer to take better control of his or her water consumption.   

In the face of climate change, CBU is a leader when it comes to stewarding our natural environment -- 

  • whether that’s through constant monitoring of our water source and effluent levels,

  • implementing green stormwater infrastructure improvements,  

  • improving our wastewater treatment plants to be more energy-efficient, or

  • partnering with individuals, businesses, and neighborhoods to implement stormwater solutions

The City is committed to maintaining and improving our infrastructure to deliver essential services -- like water -- in the safest, most reliable, most efficient, and most sustainable way.   

The water station we’re inaugurating today may be a small investment in our infrastructure, perhaps, but it’s a smart one, that will be a big improvement for our high-volume water customers, their customers, and all of our residents.

Now let’s see if I can get this thing going.  Vic?