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Page last updated on September 6, 2021 at 4:11 pm

Hello. This is Mayor John Hamilton. It's Monday, February 1st. Just wanted to give a public update on how things are going, particularly in the pandemic. We continue to see good directional movement in local and state case numbers, deaths, hospitalizations. That's very good, continuing to do what we are all doing to help move those numbers in the right directions. Vaccinations are continuing to be done every day, six days a week, anyway, with IU Health reporting about 15,000 doses administered so far, County Health, about 1,400. We're hoping to continue to see that grow. That's important. That vaccination is how we're going to defeat this pandemic. So, we're very glad to see that going. So, there are good directions.

I do want to note, there is real concern still out there. We cannot let up our vigilance and determination to keep doing the right things, both because we will have thousands of students returning to IU from different places, all around the state, all around the country. And that is a period of risk. Second, because we do know, the experts tell us these variants, these mutations of the COVID-19 disease are real, in fact, they may come to predominate our infections in the weeks ahead, and that could cause challenges, surges. There are some indicating big, big, big concerns coming at us. So, we need to keep our wits about us and our vigilance. I'm not, personally, I don't think it was a good move, at the state level, to relax some of the restrictions in these coming weeks. Things are going well. Let's keep the restrictions. I hope we do that locally. I will advocate for that, to do that, to keep us all safe.

So, good signals, good directions. We're protecting each other. That's the right thing to do. We will continue to urge that. Of course, every Friday, there's a press conference that we do at 1:15, and I really appreciate it. January, we had fewer cases in city employees than we did in December. That's also a good indicator. We'll keep letting you know what's going on. And in the meantime, keep masking, distancing, protecting each other. And when it's your turn to be vaccinated, please do go and get the vaccine. That's how we're going to get out of this. Thanks so much.