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Page last updated on January 18, 2022 at 4:59 pm

Hi, it’s Mayor John Hamilton. It’s Tuesday, January 18, 2022. Just a quick update to the community on how things are going with the pandemic. There’s not a lot of news, but not good news this week. We’re still stuck in a very serious surge of the pandemic, Omicron variant particularly. It seems to be just tearing through our community. That’s the same as it was last week.

We’re watching for new indications. But right now, we know it’s here. We’re seeing it in our employment. We’ve had the most cases this month that we ever had, and that’s compared to last month, which was the highest we’d ever had in December. We’re already going to exceed that in January. So we’re very concerned about that with our employees, as well as, of course, watching the whole community. Our healthcare system is very stressed. We need to do all we can to flatten the curve.

This isn’t a lot of new news. We’re really just hoping we can get through this Omicron surge, which we hope will be not too long. In the meantime, please don’t share air with those that are not in your own household. This is a very contagious virus. We’re trying to flatten the curve in the hospital. It is the unvaccinated who are getting really sick. So please, please, please get vaccinated and boosted. That will keep you safe. It’ll help keep your family safe, our community safe. We know those vaccines and boosters work.

And in the meantime, stay masked. Don’t share the air. Be very careful over the next two to four weeks. We’ll be monitoring that regularly as our health department and others are really checking on how it’s going. We will get through it, we know. But we don’t want to have any more deaths, any more hospitalizations than we have to. We want to have as little damage to our economy. We’re continuing to work forward with that.

If you have questions, you can reach out to me and my office. But in the meantime, just be careful these coming weeks. This is a really important time to show a little extra care for each other. I’ll look forward to you doing that, and I’ll be in touch again soon.