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Page last updated on July 13, 2022 at 2:23 pm

We are here to break ground for the construction of a new mixed-income and mixed-use rental property that will offer supportive housing, affordable housing, and market-rate units along with commercial space. All of this is right next to Bloomington’s beautiful new 65-acre Switchyard Park, an accessible park that is along the B-Line trail and has something for everyone. This sort of development in this location is one way we improve the quality of life for diverse Bloomington residents. 


Living next to Switchyard Park brings many benefits to residents:

  • Parks and trails are convenient, attractive, and affordable reasons to be outdoors and active
  • Spending time in green spaces such as Switchyard Park is associated with myriad health benefits. These include reduced stress and increased fitness levels as well as reduced risk of significant illnesses
  • Parks are also community-building spaces as they provide opportunities to gather and connect

Switchyard Park in particular is a community park because during the decades it took to realize the vision of converting the abandoned railroad switchyard into a park for people of all ages and abilities, community input served to define and refine the vision. 


Affordable housing is only one piece of financial stability and quality of life. Health and community connections are important pieces, as is transportation. Living along the B-Line trail and close to Bloomington Transit bus routes decreases reliance on vehicles, increases accessibility, aids in positive climate action, and allows folks without personal vehicles the means to reliably reach their destinations. 


Offering affordable housing has been a priority of the City. Doing so in proximity to such a wonderful park underscores other City values and goals as well such as climate change mitigation, community integration of residents, and the health of Bloomingtonians. Since 2016 Bloomington has developed, added, or preserved 1,121 affordable housing units, including those that will go on this site and some already constructed across the park. In 2020 the first phase of Switchyard Apartments on Rogers St. along the park’s west side opened. The land for that affordable housing project was provided by the City of Bloomington. All eight apartments are designated for low-income households, with two of the units reserved for clients of LifeDesigns, a local nonprofit serving people with disabilities. The City’s Redevelopment Commission (RDC) purchased the land we are standing on now in 2017 and selected RealAmerica, a nationally certified Women’s Business Enterprise to develop it. The City offered this land valued at nearly $1 million, to RealAmerica for $1 to develop as permanently affordable housing. 


64 new units with one, two, and three bedroom options. 48 units are dedicated to affordable housing of which 10 are reserved for individuals with disabilities. Stone Belt will offer onsite services to those residents. 3,000 sq ft of commercial space on the ground floor. In addition to affordability, apartments are furnished with modern amenities including free Wi-Fi, home office space,  a patio or balcony, and common areas. 


Many Bloomingtonians face serious housing insecurity and we want all residents – current and future – to have attractive and affordable places to call home, which is why we have been intentional about including and integrating affordable and supportive housing around our beautiful new Switchyard Park, where residents can enjoy outdoor amenities and community connections in a convenient location.

Day to gather and celebrate. Congratulations to all who have made this dream a reality. Changing lives here for generations.

Mayor Hamitlon Participating in Groundbreaking